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9/17 c31 Singular Ash
I wonder how you’ll use Eris’s transformation for your work. That’s assuming i’m not just ignorant of hive lore and it wasn’t already known that people can be turned into hive.

Now for a new round of VS(tradmark pending)! Here’s a less rigged match up. Savathun VS Salem. Like i said, i’m not exactly an expert in hive lore but i don’t think Savathun has enough power to just have an instant win. And lets assume it’s pre-light Savathun. Do you think her hive magic could win against Salems magic? Also the win conditions for Savathun would be containment instead of death like Salem. I don’t think she can break the curse out-right. These feel like rather fitting oponents since cunning and being 15 steps ahead is a common factor for them: along with leading endless hoards of monsters.

And for a smaller round. The hive vs the grimm. Not factoring in how the hive span multiple solar systems instead of one planet like the grimm. Because if we did then the hive would just win in sheer numbers, even considering how fast the pools can push out grimm. My money is on the grimm honestly. The grimm is way more diverse and that diversity is only limited by Salems creativity. They also seem to have MUCH higher limit on what they can become and the power they can gain as they get older. That results in all the crazy powerfull shit that can come from the grimm. While the hive have a mostly linear and predictable outcome and tend to plateau faster. Lol i say smaller and it ends up longer.
8/8 c1 1Deathrex007
Ol’ tar-boy, the inconceivable. Thats a hilarious name for the shoggoth. Imagine, every time it appears, dark souls musics blares at full volume.

Also DarkAres, read better.
6/26 c7 DarkAres12
you underestimate the guardians too much and you overestimate the huntsmen too much
6/21 c31 Hutakata
Love your story !
Question if Hakke unlock His aura Can he use Light and Dark power ?
Since it's Implies that gardians have the potential to use it and the artefact during the quest are only a tool to make it more easy. (And since Light and Dark are a side if the dame coin...wait Can paracosality and the soul flame of the hive can kill Salem ?)
And is there a different flow of time between Remnante and Earth ?
PS:Who have the worst Luck between Hakke and Crow and what will happend if they are in thé dame place ?
6/15 c31 solomondragon0
Let me start by saying, Love your Story. And very few story get me to openly write that. There is more for me to say, however. I was reading through your responses and saw mention of the Lightfall and other new content and the possible want to include some of it. i may have a solution for that. All you to do is simplify the darkness. Thats a terrible way to put it, but bear with me. Lets look at how we canonically obtained stasis. Specifically, the gameplay loop. First, we pick up the "Crux of darkness" which we use as a catalyst. Then, we commune with the darkness. Next, we find another shard or Crux and merge it with ours. Then we commune, rinse and repeat. First problem; We don't have access to Cruxes or alters and whatnot. You don't need them. The reason for this being given at the end of the Europa campaign. The Darkness was always apart of us. from the moment we became paracausal we had the ability to tap the darkness. Some did. Dredgen Yor and his followers come to mind, and they didn't need a "Crux" per say. In fact, the mission to rebuild Thorn followed a very similar path. The remains acted as a focus. and our fights and excursions acted as communions. We Felt the darkness, then we gave it shape. Thats all you need to introduce it. a need for power of course, but he's a Guardian so that is a given. You have to give him a catalyst to feel the power within him and a way for him to give it shape himself. The pyramids don't need to be there. there artifacts aren't necessary. Only their rules. Hopefully this helps. This just a suggestion. if you don't want to use it, don't. If you do, i DONT NEED CREDIT. All i did was show you a writing tool. Keep up the good work.
6/11 c31 Guest
Since the Brother Gods’ origins are now put, what will their history be like? Also, are the Brother Gods still alive or are they dead by the time of Lightfall?
6/5 c31 SUPERCOOLGUY2000
5/22 c31 Guest
My dude, you are absolutely fantastic at writing this stuff. I’ve been following the story since you began it and every time I see it get updated I get hyped.
5/17 c31 Schmidget
Another great chapter! I'm very glad to hear that this fic is still up and running despite the very long hiatus lol.

Even if the Witness isn't going to be showing up anytime soon, do you have any plans on tying the origins of the Brother Gods with Destiny's Light and Dark together? Like, could there be a connection between them and Light/Dark? Gardener and the Winnower?

I'm also wondering if Disciples are going to be involved in this story somehow... it doesn't have to be Rhulk or Nezzy—especially when even just one of them can solo Remnant without much effort. But what if there was a Disciple just observing in silence and watching everything unfold?

I'm so excited to see the next chapter so far! Keep up the good work and hopefully it won't take as long as last time, haha!
5/6 c31 Dasgun
5/6 c31 Guest
You don't need rockets when you can nuke the thing with fusion nades or turn everything to ash with sunbracers.
5/6 c31 lordofthenight97
Glad to see you're not dead, that this story isn't dead, and that this is another banger of a chapter.
5/6 c31 Master-ofmanga
We interrupt this RWBY x Destiny crossover to bring you a Resident Evil monster. Does anyone have a rocket launcher? Preferably Solar?
5/5 c31 Birthday

Oh man I am so glad you’re back and this story isn’t gone it’s one of the best stories on this site. Absolutely can not wait for the 4 way brawl (maybe?) that’s about to unfold, it will be glorious. On another note, what are your thoughts on Hakke combining remnant tech and some city stuff to make an improvised linear? I feel like that’s be a really cool edition to his arsenal some out poor warlock is lacking some exotics. Must be that shit luck he’s got. But no for real I adore this story and can not wait for next time
5/5 c31 Guest
Hakke's entrance had me fucking howling "IT'S OUR BOYYYYYYYYYYYYY"
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