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7/4/2021 c14 123ninjadevil
IM HERE. I KNOW RIGHT?! Took me long Enough but HI! OKAY. THIS STORY WAS SO AMAZING. PLSSSSS THE ENDING AND THE REUNION IN THE SECOND TO LASY CHAPTER. I MEAN WHAT. WHATRE YOU TRYNA DO TO MEEEEEEE I LOVE MY BOYS AND YOU WROTE THEM SO FREAKIM WELL. aaaaaaaah Mon ️️️ Took me long enough to read this and I’m sorry but omg it was worth the wait I suppose. It’s so amazing omg. You wrote it perfectly I swear. Honestly these boys need to realize how important they are to each other. I know they’d never say it but they ARE best friends. They had to let go of grace and Jessica and Nathan and all these people in their past lives AND NOW THEY HAVE EACH OTHER AND NEITHER OF THEM ARE GONNA LET EACH OTHER GO EASY. honestly boys ️ Pls this story was just perfect I loved it so much. Perfect perfect perfect ️️️️
5/23/2021 c14 19DraejonSoul
That was a nice ending. It was a little funny how you'd have John go against his better judgment (and health) to go and talk to Finch, because he really would do that. XD I'm glad they had that talk, since it did them both some good.

I simply ADORE this fic. And I apologize it took soooo long to comment on this last chapter. The reason? Check your AO3 inbox. :)
4/13/2021 c12 DraejonSoul
The cavalry came through! Finally.

So looking forward to the angst!
4/13/2021 c11 DraejonSoul
Aaaaaah! So close! So close!
4/13/2021 c10 DraejonSoul
Hooray Finch for figuring it out! :D

And for Reese and the detectives and Leon, too. Reese didn't do too bad working with a team.
4/13/2021 c9 DraejonSoul
Oh, Reese, you stubborn ass... *shakes head and pets his hair*

Good thing Finch remembered about the Bluetooth, and that the bad guys lacked the foresight to give them an older laptop without that technology.
4/13/2021 c8 DraejonSoul
Gotta give credit to Reese's sleuthing skills, especially despite being impaired by injuries.
4/13/2021 c7 DraejonSoul
Okay. Carson posing as a hacker was an unforeseen twist. Nicely done! I like the little bait and switch. Though I feel like there's still more to Carson than meets the eye...
4/13/2021 c6 DraejonSoul
I was reading this on AO3, but I've known it was here, too, so here I am.

I like how you continue to touch on both Reese and Finch feeling the loss of each other, and struggling to survive without. It's hard to tell who's better off-Finch of course is in danger, but not in the immediate future. Reese is working himself literally to death in trying to track down Finch-without help. At least, he's going to look for Leon.

But where's Fusco?
3/28/2021 c14 Original Guest
I quite enjoyed this I hope you choose to write that story maybe even add Shaw to the mix.
3/26/2021 c14 27DancingInTheDark85
Aww, I can’t believe it’s finally at an end. You worked so hard on it and you should be proud of it. The ending was perfect,
As for another story, I know how life is, but I know how fanfiction is too. You can tell yourself you’re done but then you get sucked back in. So when you’re ready, I’ll be there to beta as always. ;-)
3/25/2021 c14 48SWWoman
Terrific ending. John and Finch were perfectly in character. I can see john seeking comfort in the Library, one of the few places he feels at home. Of course Finch would feel guilty about John's injuries, and John would be totally casual about it.

I hope you do decide to play in this fandom again. I'll be looking forward to seeing you.
3/25/2021 c14 3chocolate56
Yes! This was such an amazing story. The ending was perfect. I hope you do keep posting for POI. You're an amazing author (and one of the few who can pull off a long hurt/comfort story without it becoming too sappy), but whether or not you do continue writing for POI, thank you for posting all that you have so far.
3/21/2021 c13 impvme
This has been sooooooo good. I can really see John getting really weighing the choice to keep Finch safe. Wow what a situation for John to be in.
3/16/2021 c1 Univarius
This is such a great story! Everyone feels in character and the way you built up to the reunion works so well- I really felt tense! Looking forward to your next chapter.
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