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3/15 c13 Deep Sorrow
Wow, this chapter was intense! I loved the glimpse of dark, practical John and the way Harold talked him off that edge. Then the physical collapse, and Harold's angst over John's willingness to sacrifice himself, just lovely, so well done. And yes, they most definitely need to talk! Thank you for sharing, and I can't wait for more!
3/15 c12 Deep Sorrow
Yay rescue! Oh, it was awesome. I loved the moment when Harold finally saw John was alive, wonderfully written. Thank you for sharing!
3/15 c13 27DancingInTheDark85
The angst is strong with this one and I love it. I think you have John’s thought processes as he agonises over the morality of killing the bad guy perfectly. Some writers on here have him as a stone-cold killer but I don’t think he ever was. His emotional turmoil bubbles just under the surface in almost every episode. I also love Harold’s intervention, and his worry. I love the awkward closeness of their relationship that you’ve portrayed here. In the early days Harold would have concerned himself more with the fact that John almost killed the guy, now he understands him, forgives him for it immediately (though John won’t forgive himself) and is more worried at the damage he is doing to John.
In short, you’ve captured everything I love about these characters and it couldn’t be better!
3/13 c13 48SWWoman
You really had me going there, I honestly thought John was going to pull the trigger!

It is nice to see John getting taken of. We hardly saw anyone one on the show acknowledge the toll working the numbers took on him.
3/13 c13 3chocolate56
Beautiful! Finch's reactions are so accurate, and I love how you adapted what happened in "The Devil's Share" to this. Great work!
3/6 c12 chocolate56
Yay! I love how you get into Finch's thoughts- he's still shaken up by the gunfight, and you've shown that very realistically. Great chapter!
3/6 c12 48SWWoman
Wow, that rescue was all we could ask for! Reese's patented brand of chaos combined with badassery, along the back up from the detectives really took me back to seasons 1&2 of the show. A very satisfying read.

I am worried about John. it sounds like he going to be shutting down emotionally and going to that dark place again.
3/6 c12 Guest
The rescue was a real relief, but it was clear that something was wrong with John. Strange as it sounds, I’d really like to see more of the poor John! My English is terrible, please don’t mind.
3/6 c12 27DancingInTheDark85
Fusco being evidently a bit less unconcerned by the pointed guns is the perfect understatement. I love that line. Again, this is great. Perhaps I’m misremembering but I feel this final edit focuses a lot more on just how badly hurt Reese is and in a cruel way I love it. He’s at his best when he’s hurting and vulnerable but still being a badass anyway.
3/6 c11 DancingInTheDark85
I’m sorry, but here is my long awaited review for this chapter. This is a great start to the rescue. Loved this when I first read it but as we get through the story I love all the extra bits you’ve added, filling it out and managing to make it even more tense.
3/2 c11 Deep Sorrow
Wow, great chapter! I love Carter's continued disapproval, I can totally imagine the look on her face. Also, this line:
"What - you crazy? It's bad enough that Wonderboy here thinks it's OK to walk around with TNT in his pockets! Don't encourage him, Carter, for chrissake!"
LOL! I love it! Thank you for sharing, look forward to more!
2/26 c11 48SWWoman
Man, you are really whumping on John in this story, aren't you? *evil grin

And there are going to be explosions!

Ah, come on! We need that reunion!
2/23 c9 Deep Sorrow
Wow, I am so flattered to be mentioned in the notes to this chapter of your lovely story, thank you! And yay! Fusco was all kinds of awesome in this chapter. He's so great when he's disgruntledly concerned, and your depiction was *chef's kiss* spot on! Poor John though- I hope he gets a good nap, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for everyone next!
2/20 c10 27DancingInTheDark85
I love it! The whole gang together ready to kick some ass. I read chapter 9 when it first came out but I checked and my review didn’t show, so I’m sorry for that and I just wanted to say your Finchy, tech-speak sounds so accurate and I loved his little motivational speech as well as Fusco taking care of John. For this chapter, having the Avengers Assemble was really well done, I like it when Carter and Fusco band together in their frustration/worry/sarcasm against John, it’s like parents of an unruly teenager. Looking forward to the rescue, I’m sorry real life is getting in the way but I hope it’s good things. Xxx
2/19 c10 LJ815
I think this is amazing! Well done, can’t wait to see what happens next! I love Finch, and hope there is a happy reunion between the two
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