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1/15 c4 120ninjadevil2000
NOOOOOO JOHN! Get up John, you can do this. Ugh omg the angst. God this fic is amazing :)
1/15 c4 3chocolate56
This is what I have been waiting for (**continues evil laughing**). I can't wait for the next part!
1/12 c3 Guest
Another great chapter of a story worthy of being added to the show's canon!
1/11 c3 48SWWoman
You are weaving a nicely complex plot here. Carson is like a Baby Finch, complete with mysterious past. Add in a guilty John determined to not lose another number. Something is about to blow up in their faces, I can feel it coming.
1/11 c3 3chocolate56
I can't wait to see what misfortune awaits them (**evil laughs**) but seriously, this is amazing. Of course, John would blame himself for trying to save that guy's life. I'm loving this so far!
1/9 c2 48SWWoman
I'm really enjoying this call back to the early seasons, which were the best IMHO. The interactions between the characters was always my favorite part of the show, and you have done a great job capturing it here.
1/8 c2 Guest
Wow, this is terrific! You've really captured the characters and the mood of the show: I really can feel the tension of waiting to see who's the perpetrator and who's the victim. Well done!
1/8 c2 120ninjadevil2000
I swear John and Carter dropping another review because you deserve em all.
1/8 c1 ninjadevil2000
Perfectionnnnn! I love this so much
1/7 c1 Lady Sundiver
Awesome! When is the next post?
1/6 c1 3chocolate56
Awesome! I love where this is going, I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/6 c1 Deep Sorrow
Hey, you decided to post the story, yay! Very interesting beginning, I'm intrigued, and eagerly await more!
1/5 c1 27DancingInTheDark85
I’m so glad you finally decided to post this. As always, I love your writing, it’s tone fits both characters so well. The level of detail feels like being Reese (or Finch for that matter) completely aware of his surroundings at all times, restrained even when talking about emotions but with little hints of care, like surreptitiously giving Bear the doughnut.
I know I’ve read it before and as your beta I’m biased, but I’m looking forward to the next chapter and I hope there’s still plenty of people in this fandom to appreciate your good work.
1/5 c1 daisy.schmitt.7
My thoughts? It's beautifully written. It's so vivid, it is as if the show is coming back to life. Thank you!
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