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for Private's Predicament- Chryssal

7/25/2021 c4 Monkey lover 911
Thanks for the chapter. What will happen next? Will Nigel still try to get Private to return to London with him or maybe try to take him by force with help from Barrage & Eyre? What will the three bad animals do? Please answer in the next chapter. Keep up the awesome work. Stay safe & healthy. You are an awesome author.
3/4/2021 c4 23pandamaster97720
you're not rusty and I love the chapter and I cant wait to see what happens next
2/8/2021 c3 pandamaster97720
love the chapter and I can't wait to see the reunion between private and the last two members of his old team and how they will get along with his new team and how Uncle Nigel will act and if he will respect privates new team and trust them to take care of his nephew
2/6/2021 c2 18Kisaki Yazmin Motou
(I'm sorry if this is not understood of everything but he is not my language and I'm using the Google translator to be able to leave this)

With the simple summary I call my attention and glad to know what I do not let myself be disappointed at all, this Fanfic is great. The past of Private is always something I like to play, the fact that it has such a ... enigmatic background with something dark is fabulous, the fact that your current team is among the bad oners adds you more emotion to the matter.

That's something I liked, the protective / affectionate relation of Skipper and the others exist towards. For me, they four are a family that is protected a lot, as well as sincere honeymoon that they have (and that each one shows in their own way) that the uncle Nigel is added is much better, I liked it much that I do not confly in the skipper and the others to protect your dear wedish, it also gives me a certain grace XD

I hope to know how things will be placed when the other arrives a fight for the attention / affection of Private? Who know each other? It will be entertained.

A threat out is serious, now it is to wait like they will do everybody.

Wait with the answers the next chapter n.n /

PDS: Part of my could not help prevent imaging some scenes with the characters Human version XD
1/19/2021 c2 23pandamaster97720
Love the chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and if private reunites with his old team
1/6/2021 c1 pandamaster97720
Loving your rendition of this story so far and I can’t wait what you do with this story

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