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for Take me Home (You Silly boy)

6/20/2021 c5 64MissScorp
Hi there! This was a cute ending. Absolutely love Glamma for Jessica. It totally fits her and her personality. She’s not going to be “Grandma”. It’s just not sophisticated enough for her. I also like the acknowledgment of Gil as grandfather. He is going to be the one most involved in this little girl’s life. Just like he was in Malcolm’s.

Malcolm not wanting to have Martin involved in his daughter’s life makes absolute sense. He isn’t going to allow his daughter to end up being manipulated and used by Martin. He’s going to do everything he can to make sure she doesn’t end up like him. Just like a good father does.

Really cute story!
6/20/2021 c4 MissScorp
Hi there! Gil coming to help is quality dad content. He’s there to remind Malcolm there’s more to parenting than putting together cribs and play packs. Plus, he’s not alone. Gil is there to help out. It’s a reaffirmation of their relationship and how Gil has been there to help Malcolm as he navigated all the other events in his life. He’ll help him navigate this, too.

Their conversation about Jessica and how she does nothing in moderation made me chuckle. It’s definitely true that she doesn’t do things in moderation. She’s rich and just over the top (something Malcolm definitely is). Her buying a crib that doubles as a toddler bed is also her being pragmatic and knowledgeable. She IS a mom and has raised two kids so she knows what’s needed. Makes you wonder, though what she’s got in her house for when the baby spends the night lol

Another good job!
6/20/2021 c3 MissScorp
Hi there! Jessica going over the top is absolutely Jessica. Her version of a small affair would be 100 guests easily. Her inviting so many people makes sense since it is her first grandchild and she’s going to want to share her joy with everyone. Especially since good things don’t tend to happen for her family.

Malcolm making pasta is all sorts of adorable. Especially since his cooking skills are in question. We know he can cut open a bagel and open Twizzlers but that’s the extent of his culinary nods. His only other time trying to cook ended with him ordering takeout sooo no fears here lol

Another good chapter!
6/20/2021 c2 MissScorp
Hi again! Jessica going tigress mode is absolutely spot-on. She’s not going to easily trust someone who used her and her son before blithely walking away. She’s going to set down the rules and make it clear that no money will be forked over.

JT also figuring out what’s up is a nice nod to his detective skills and his growing friendship with Malcolm. Theirs has been my favorite relationship to watch flourish because of how much JT was against him in the beginning. Him being there to help Malcolm as he navigates these waters is definitely something that will help ease the anxiety and fears Malcolm will experience.

Good job!
6/20/2021 c1 MissScorp
Hi there! Eve not being killed and returning pregnant is almost better than what the show did. Her death was really overshadowed by everything else that happened and it remains a storyline left open because of Sophie. Malcolm wanting to protect Sophie makes sense given who he is but I always felt her coming forward and admitting what she did and subsequently selling out Endicott made a better story than Malcolm chopping him up.

Eve coming back pregnant adds the element of Malcolm dealing with becoming a father, his phobias and traumas and trust issues, plus having to keep his father from learning about the baby. There’s so much more at stake and so much characterization that can be done with this. It’s a really solid idea and gives another twist to how the story could have gone.

Real good start!
I like how they were able to be together and hande the pregnancy twist. I don’t think Macolm would turn his back on his child at all. Good job girl
Wow so she broke his heart once but then came back. I hope things improve before the baby gets her. Good drama
Oh yes she would because she would want to celebrate her grand daughter to be with a big splash . True to the character on the show and how she lives
I like the father son thing of Malcolmand Gilsrelationship it seemed true to their characters .
Very good job with it . Good story

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