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3/24 c16 Ishigawa
Excellent work
2/16 c1 Random65
I love those names!
2/14 c16 10Yellowpikmin88
I figured Shigaraki wouldn’t be able to decay barriers
2/13 c16 16Yarheeguy
Okay I’m a bit confused on a certain part and don’t know what happened

“And while Hoshiko can control her shields she wasn’t immune them. If someone hit her with one it would hit her hard too.
And he did manage to hit her hard in the back of her head.”

I’m sorry but what happened here? Did Shigaraki managed to punch through the shield? If so, how? Hoshiko's shield was still up, unless she was mentally exhausted that a simple punch can break the shield, it really should of kept the shield up.
I know she saw All Might getting hurt and the Nomu broke her shield that would effect her emotional state, but I wouldn’t think that it was weak enough that a regular punch would break it.

You need a little more explanation here for what happened

But at last, the USJ arc is over, can’t wait for the next chapter.
2/13 c16 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
This story is awesome! Now to deal with a worried mother and mitsuki...
2/13 c16 4Gamelover41592
excellent work and great work around :)
2/13 c16 10Plumalchemyst
Shigaraki you fool don’t
2/13 c16 7Hikari Ino
awesome job I can't wait to see what's next
2/8 c15 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
I almost forgot Mable has a fear of gnomes. Thumbs and toe thumbs up, did you see Mable's karaoke call me Mable, it was kinda creepy...
2/8 c15 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter :)
2/8 c15 70KatoGS123
All Might saw that she was fighting an amorphous cloud while Thirteen and 6 students were nearby.

"So you're here." Said Kurogiri.

All Might glared at the cloud who then disappeared./

All Might glared at the spot where Kurogiri had been.


Not trying to be rude here, but you could’ve wrote this scene a lot better, like this for example


All Might saw that she was fighting an amorphous cloud while Thirteen and 6 students were nearby.

"So you're here." Said Kurogiri before warping away.

All Might glared at the spot where Kurogiri had been and asked the hero and heroes in training, “What has been going on?”


I don’t mean to ridicule you, but the way you wrote it could’ve been much better, compared to how I wrote your scene, it felt smoother, not as confusing, and it helps picture the scene without seeing the scene twice
2/8 c15 10Plumalchemyst
Lol GNOME and yes Mabel would tell a pun
2/8 c15 7Hikari Ino
awesome job I can't wait for what's next
2/5 c14 16Yarheeguy
good chapter.

I was mistaken on something but I read more and that mistake is gone. but it made me curious on something.

What is Hoshiko's bubble shield made out of?
usually things are made out of something, for example Bakugo's sweat is made out of nitroglycerin.

I would like to believe that her bubbles work similar to Steven's bubbles, that they're made out of solid light, which would explain how she can turn it on and off and fit with her dad's side since fire is a form of light. I would also like to think that if Shigaraki attempts to use his quirk on her bubbles, the result would be him having his fingers burned since he's trying to disintegrate light.

I thought about this when I mistaken your words thinking that Hoshiko managed to trapped Kurogiri inside her bubble and Kurogiri couldn't escape, making me think on how Shigaraki and Kurogiri escape with that being the case. but it turns out she didn't, but it's something to think about and how her quirk works.

the USJ arc is almost over.
2/5 c14 10Yellowpikmin88
I'm sure with the Four here they can assist All Might in defeating the Nomu
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