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for Happily Married (any percent) speedrun, Deku edition

6/6 c1 ImGolden
I was laughing for almost the entire fic. this was great
6/2 c6 Guest
Me sitting here being like: uh bruh/gurl da second hand embarrassment got to me[it's been 3 years since I started reading smut but i still get embarrassed{not in gay smut tho}]
5/11 c9 CanadianCoffeeAddict
I enjoy it so far
5/5 c9 1Mad-Hatter246
the Sex references in this chapter were straight forward
4/27 c8 8WordSmyth
All Might would be the best godmother.
4/27 c9 Zee Goddess
Cute. Good story! Saw the summary and decided to give it a go. No regrets there. I was originally searching through your stories for more IzuMei stuff. And found this gem. I like your stuff tbh, so I am not even biased to the couples you use.
4/13 c9 NikkiB101
that was adorable thank u
3/22 c9 HotDog Smoothie
this so damn wholesome
3/7 c9 T0aster Man
3/2 c9 1ThyReader
I am 90% sure to that Tomura, when he was Tenko, grandparents from his moms side(?) lived with them
2/26 c9 lazyguy90
The premise of this is outrageous and I love it.

Hilarious stuff. What a meeting.

And what's even funnier is Endeavour being totally cool with it. Presumably because he's still thinking like a Eugenicist. MY GRANDCHILD WILL BE THE GREATEST HERO WHO EVER LIVED!
2/24 c9 8ScepticalOne
Well, this is absolutely adorable and I love everything about it.
Amazing job!
2/12 c9 4A Queen Among Women
You could always write a chapter with Izuku coming to visit her at work. That would be an interesting (chaotic) chapter.
2/12 c5 Shin Gojira
*chuckle* Im in danger :D
2/12 c9 16Luciendar
If Inko and All Might get married then that'll mean the top three heroes are legally related. I know that with families like Iida's that they all become heroes but this ridiculous. Since you're going all alternate universe why not have a small bit where izuku assists on the arrest of a weird pervert with sticky grapes on his head.
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