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for Happily Married (any percent) speedrun, Deku edition

1/13 c5 Julio Abel
Essa fic e uma idiotices incrível mente legal e adorável
1/13 c5 69Batmarcus
Love this story, if someone else caused you to spite write a chapter...I guess thank you to them this fic is really fun!
1/13 c5 Bookworm5556
Writing for spiteful reasons is fine and amuses many of us.
1/13 c5 8WordSmyth
Spite can accomplish great things, it’s what got us to the moon after all!
1/13 c5 zombiesleuth
If you respond to negativity with more chapters, then this is the worst thing I've ever read. If you don't, then ignore my previous sentence and know that I'm really enjoying this fic.
1/13 c4 WordSmyth
So what you’re telling me it that if you sufficiently break Endeavor’smind hell do a hard reset, drop all his stored flaming asshole tendencies, and become something approaching a decent (if socially inept and eccentric) person? I like it!
1/13 c5 bobby4million
best reason I have ever heard to write
1/13 c5 2GrnDrgnzrd
Zero's being a jerk. This fic is fun. See you next chapter.
1/13 c5 luiseduardob303
1/13 c5 EldritchAnon
How rude. You're an absolute Troll, sir. XD Though I admit they deserve this, the rest of us really don't.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/13 c5 8Emrys Akayuki
There's nothing better than shameless fluff.
1/13 c5 4Twilight-Lloyd
This doofus. Seriously though, this is a fantastic fic. Funny and adorable all at once.
1/13 c5 1Suba boy
Whoever this zero is sucks big time. Dope chapter dude
1/13 c5 SilverLux3264
I know I just end up repeating the same thing over and over sometimes but damn it if that's not how your writing makes me feel. So thank you for this new chapter and good luck moving forward
1/13 c5 Gods Crowned Clown
As always, yet another banger of a story so far. While I may not read every one of your stories, I do read a lot of them and I have to admit I have yet to read one that doesn't meet a standard quality. You produce good stories at a nice pace delving into some of my favourite ships. Good job
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