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for Happily Married (any percent) speedrun, Deku edition

2/12 c5 Shin Gojira
*chuckle* Im in danger :D
2/12 c9 16Luciendar
If Inko and All Might get married then that'll mean the top three heroes are legally related. I know that with families like Iida's that they all become heroes but this ridiculous. Since you're going all alternate universe why not have a small bit where izuku assists on the arrest of a weird pervert with sticky grapes on his head.
2/10 c9 Omegasw
Esta genial continua pronto por favor

This great continues soon please
2/6 c9 draculyn28
I do not write much in the reviews, and it is not because I am vague, but I simply do not like to criticize the history of others much, it is their creativity, I just hope that my short and simple comments do not bother you, I hope the continuation , regards.
2/5 c9 Joe M
Moe's theory is probably correct. Assuming that Izuku has OFA, which is a quirk passer and a power stockpiler, and at least 3 of the previous 8 have been male, they could've passed on their big dick energy to Izuku.

This sparks several questions. One, does All Might now have a smaller dick as the embers of One For All have passed on? Does he have a bigger dick in his inflated state? Does the female equivalent of big dick energy get passed on as well, and if it does, does it effect the male inheritors or not? Do the female inheritors also gain access to the big dick energy stockpiles? Would that make Nana Shimura and any other female users into futanari?
2/4 c9 The cubic king
sad that you're running out of steam. this is hilarious
2/3 c4 2ProjectIceman
Its both unexpected and very like Endeavor to approve of their marriage. A son with multiple Quirks? He probably cant wait to see how their grandchildren turn out.

Izuku used the UNO Reverse Card XD
2/3 c3 ProjectIceman
Shouldn't be that hard. How bad could it be?

Intentionally instigating Murphys Law XD
2/3 c2 ProjectIceman
If only it was this easy XD
2/1 c9 Khaos05
Thanks for the chapter
2/1 c9 4Farmer Kyle
Aww, but I guess if the muse leaves...

Still, I've never gotten the how or aversion of people with their parents or elders living with them. Both sides of my family do it. And we're American, where I suppose a good deal of it comes from.

Still though, a cute chapter!
2/1 c9 M
Good chapter! Looking forward to the next chapter! It is not so rare in some American families. I grew up with my grandmother living with my family.
2/1 c9 Centinela
How about an argument that ends in sex, or someone who wants to get too close to Izuku, a threesome between Moe, Fuyumi and Izuku, Rei finding Izuku and Fuyumi fucking XD?
2/1 c9 RealSaberwolf
Love the warm feeling I get read this fanfiction. Great Job mate!
2/1 c9 misbehave.to.aim
I know it's getting harder to write, but this is a sweetheart of a story!

It ends, as foretold by the laws of narrative causality, with pregnant Fuyumi getting an ultrasound by a nurse who finds she's expecting twins, no, wait, three!

(everyone begins laugh-crying)

Or maybe that's just my simple melodrama-craving brain.
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