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6/27 c41 25The Baz
Dude I can’t stand yaoi shipping and even I feel for Dove.
6/27 c75 3Kami no Kage
I assume you mean Arcane - Ice Queendom isn't really like it. Japanese studios are good at what they do when they have enough time and funding, but those kinds of experimental works aren't the usual. Ice Queendom has fantastic animation, but it's traditional anime style. If you're hoping for something trying to outdo itself like Arcane, few anime go there. But the animation *is* really good, as you'd expect of the animation studio that was hired to make it.

I'm sorry Jaune has had to go so far, but I'm happy to see him come to the end of his character arc. Presumably. It's been quite the transformation. I've no doubt that he can defeat black sun, but it's what comes after that I'm really curious about.

The black sun confrontation is really just the conclusion to what has been an arc about his inner conflict to becoming one of the biggest mob bosses in Vale - notice how Black Sun has, for the most part, been faceless. Yes, there's Steele, but she hasn't had much of a presence in the arc. She's really just a physical enemy to the real metaphysical enemy Jaime has been fighting.
6/24 c75 pog
6/26 c75 4DaDragon562
Man Jaune keeps riding the slippery slope until its a straight up elevator to hell

Can't disagree with his frustration with Ozpin who too often focuses purely on the Grimm that he misses the human element of conflict which is critical to beating salem
6/24 c75 Polorp
I wonder if he lies velvet and blames Mistral for killing mama scarletina.
Velvet and that Jaune hasn't manipulation beacon/huntsmann will be the last downfall.

Long time not heard ruby or Oobleck.
6/23 c75 Guest
Jaune is becoming quite the Machiavellian
6/25 c75 Void Butterfly
It's pretty obvious to Vincent that Jaune is responsible for Gormonds death, but he's chosen to overlook it since his uncle dying means he gets more power. Plus he probably doesn't want to get on the bad side of the man who killed his uncle and is fast becoming one of the most powerful and dangerous people in Vale.

The meeting/argument between Jaune and Ozpin was probably the best part of the chapter for me. They both make valid points here with Ozpin not wanting a war on his streets and an escalation of hostilities, while Jaune wants to get the conflict over as quickly as possible in order to reduce the damage and limit the number of lives lost. I found myself leaning towards Jaune's side of the argument more since Ozpin's tendency to focus on the bigger picture means that he doesn't come down as hard as he should do on the criminals in Vale. The irony here is that if Ozpin was willing to let Meg face the full consequences of her actions and allowed her to go to jail, then Jaune wouldn't have been forced to kill her and fall further down the rabbit hole.

Thanks for writing!
6/23 c75 Guest
Arcane has spoilt everyone and not just Anime viewers. Great characters, solid story, diversity without woke bullshit, great artwork, animation and music...

What was I talking about, meh nothing important probably...
6/23 c75 Guest
A decent chapter.. Ice Queendom has a Shot as long as woke trash writing and pandering is not present in the show..
6/23 c75 Guest
Escalation, escalation, escalation. I wonder if we're in the endgame yet.

Of course BS went after Tammy again. Unfortunately for them, this time it's Jaune who's one step ahead. Close call for her, anyway.

Ozpin's pissed as hell at the escalation, but honestly I'm on Jaune's side and not his. Black Sun isn't going to go away because Vale asks nicely. It's what happens after they're beaten that's the question. Will the Alliance deescalate? Will Mistral try anything funny? Will Jaune lose control of the beast he created? Will Cinder come back into play? Will the presence of Atlesian fanatics rampaging in Vale reflect badly on Ironwood?

Will Jaune and Ozpin learn about each other's involvement in the Meg case? And if they do, who will be angrier?
6/23 c74 SgtCarlRifter
Its 6 am and I've been waiting since midnight!
I need my fix!
Jk take your own release pace dog.
Ill be reading come the start of my night shift tonight!
6/25 c75 8Writerofthelostsoul
I remember when jaune was working out with junior and his men at the gym. A day I'm n his work, i thought perhaps junior would die, and look at jaune now: jaded, cold, cunning, ruthless. A far cry from the idealistic fool he used to be.
6/25 c75 6Sociopathic-Antichrist
It's actually haunting how similiar Ozpin and Jaune are here. The only real difference is time span. If you condensed all of Ozpin's fight against Salem into but a few months it'd look like this.
6/24 c75 1HaloSam296
Amazing chapter, I'm loving the developments!
6/24 c75 6Star Sage
Ozpin...you've just admitted that you won't do anything against a clear and present danger to the kingdom. Jaune has done(to your knowledge) none of the violence that has the city in an uproar, and you do know who is responsible, by your own admission in this chapter, if not earlier. Yet you have made no move to come down on them at all. It's not like Vale has a lot of hidey holes for thousands of guys, the city has a population in the millions, and we see most of it from the air at one point.

Gods, he's like every teacher. He sees two students fighting and decides to punish the one whom he knows didn't start it so they roll over for the one who did next time just so they don't have to get involved. News flash, that stopped working in the digital age because kids learn early now that that does NOT work. And Jaune, as it turns out, is a really fast learner.

Hell, given you allow terrorists into your organization who show next to no real skill at situational control or awareness, you'd be LUCKY to have Jaune join your school next year. At lest he thinks through the end results of his actions before they happen. And he's better at then everyone else in the Cabal, even yourself and Glynda, so he'd be an asset to that group too.
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