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11/13 c87 Guest
I actually want to see moreee
11/12 c79 Guest
11/12 c41 Guest
11/12 c21 Guest
So...Dove x Jaune? I'm in..
11/13 c87 RDDash
The story is finally over, thank God. I thought I liked the idea of Jaune getting rejected by Beacon and then getting assimilated by Vale in some kind of way but reading about the Beacon arc is kind of not really interesting. To be honest I would have preferred for Jaune to continue working as a bartender and for Hei to be alive. The gung wars with Atlas for some reason and other rival gangs ruined the story in the end. It's just why? It's a blatant invasion from the Atlas, and nobody really cares. The ending with Cinder, mercury and the other girl dying feels anticlimactic
11/13 c79 RDDash
Um, just say no if he's not force someone who is not interested in a gay relationship into the gay relationship? So stupid.
11/13 c71 RDDash
To be honest Melanie should have been Jaune's girlfriend, but that's never going to happen. It's not going to be Pyrrha or. Ruby. His girlfriend had ditched him. It's pretty obvious by now that he is not going to be interested in Velvet. Thats only lives his gay friend Dove, the guy he hadn't seen in weeks.
11/12 c48 RDDash
It's seriously has to be her that found them. Oh, fuck off. I hope Meg dies painful death, the bitch is annoying.
11/12 c46 RDDash
Qrow or the police has to be stupid to not put two and two together. Jaune just incriminated his club by saying that his deceasedbboss was in charge of the the criminal gang.
11/10 c8 Guest
Cardin is being nice,I like it
11/11 c38 RDDash
I like how Ozpin makes everything worse by bribing criminal courts to keep his snowflake huntsmen out of trouble.
11/11 c31 RDDash
Why move in the first place when the problem with the rival gang is solved? He should have lived in his small apartment.
11/10 c24 RDDash
Ugh, I don't know if he is really interested in girls romantically but I ve read how you are laying thick when you writing his relationship with Dove(who I think supposed to be gay in the fanfic), and I pretty much know from the reviews what is going to happen in the end.
11/10 c20 RDDash
Beacon professor is a little bit out of his price range, perhaps he can always beg his parents for cash. It's to bad he can't just get some basic gun training.
11/10 c17 RDDash
Why would that naive kid would still want to be a go to Beacon after everything he hears about them is beyond me. Ozpin sounds like an ass and is worse than Salem at this point. Meg was completely useless as a bodyguard for Junior
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