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12/7/2022 c18 44Black' Victor Cachat
Sorry to hear what you have been through, and glad to see you back.

Love the one with Set
12/7/2022 c3 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
In the scene of Octavian
Percy: " Octavian I will kill you like you killed Perry"*
12/7/2022 c16 7KryptonJoyWrites
12/7/2022 c15 KryptonJoyWrites
Oh the last one...
12/7/2022 c14 KryptonJoyWrites
aall of them are awsome
12/7/2022 c13 KryptonJoyWrites
oh 39, you can join the last comment too
12/7/2022 c12 KryptonJoyWrites
A Big LoL to 37 and 38, YOU'RE ARE LUCKY WINNERS!
12/7/2022 c11 KryptonJoyWrites
31,32 and 33... no words words...
12/7/2022 c10 KryptonJoyWrites
ok, the a/n was the funniest
12/7/2022 c8 KryptonJoyWrites
The last one, welp, you mean '-'
12/7/2022 c7 KryptonJoyWrites
Ok, all of this is extremely funny, well except for the last one, continue writing more.
12/7/2022 c6 KryptonJoyWrites
...did not understand...
12/7/2022 c5 KryptonJoyWrites
all 3 are in Tip Top Condition. Also the first one? Nailed. It.
12/7/2022 c4 KryptonJoyWrites
LOL, get more of these Dionysus memes
12/7/2022 c3 KryptonJoyWrites
Yup, Octavian is a asshole
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