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for Beautiful Prison

2/15 c1 ravenhusker
You left me on the ledge with these two. What an exquisite picture of anticipation you’ve painted.
2/1 c1 31jakela
"...as if his life depended on it..." - and it does; Joss *is* his life
1/9 c1 impvme
Very nice drabble! Girl you’ve come out swinging with your writing. Really enjoying your stories.
1/10 c1 93odalys-ortiz
This is so unfair to have them forced apart like this. Screw Mark Snow.
1/7 c1 Coreenmm
awesome cliffhanger
1/9 c1 21POIphantomgirl
Of course right when they take a chance on the 'them' trouble comes. Despite the setbacks I'm glad they're still fighting for each other.

'Always the secret looks, the slight brush of a hand or even a flirtatious word or two.' Yes this was so John and Joss in the friend zone. Always so much more awaiting beneath the surface.
1/9 c1 48SWWoman
I love the idea that these tow can't sty away from each other!
1/8 c1 elaine0510
Great Drabble. Those two are so in sync with each other.

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