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for Just Dance

2/15 c1 ravenhusker
What a vision!
2/1 c1 31jakela
'...dark as night crashing into sea blue..." - like the sky meeting the ocean, there's no beginning or end
1/9 c1 impvme
Whoa! Are the under cover or...?
1/10 c1 93odalys-ortiz
Aww, this was sweet :D
1/9 c1 48SWWoman
1/9 c1 21POIphantomgirl
Fav line: it wasn't that he couldn't dance, he just chose not to.
Love how John loves Joss. Without knowing it, Joss just enjoying the moment, presented John with such an enticing picture, he had to join her. And they're so in sync they never broke, each other's rhythm. Beautiful.
1/8 c1 elaine0510
I found myself swaying to the music as I read this.
1/7 c1 Lady Sundiver
Perfect description of their eyes meeting: Dark as night crashing into sea blue... perfection!

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