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10/13/2022 c6 SheWhoLeavesCrappyReviews
Oooh, drama unfolds! Ryoma’s chaotic interactions with his family in the previous chapters were really amusing.

Anyway, looking forward to how these two deal with the upcoming awkwardness between them lmao
9/14/2022 c6 Pandazaur
Here's to hoping you'll continue the story again at some point
6/2/2022 c6 8chumchum94
Please where it the next chapter! I have to know what sakuno and Ryoma are going to do next, it's been months. Please please please please please
5/11/2022 c6 animeflunky
I always come back to this story as one I thoroughly enjoy. Cant wait to see how the relationship between the two oblivious ones (maybe less so now) continues to develop.
11/9/2021 c6 13neko-alme
AAAAAAAAAAAAA I HELD BACK ON READING THIS BECAUSE I WAS BUSY WHEN THIS CAME OUT BUT OHMYGOD. REALLY. THE DUALITY OF THIS CHAPTER. I was feeling the cuteness and the banter with the Echizen family plus Sakuno and then BAM! We got to the steamy part. I wasn't really going to think that this was your first time making this kind of stuff if I havent read your note, but sis! (or bro? im sorry, idk your pronouns) How is that written so well? It all just felt natural to Ryoma and Sakuno. Though I expected much of Sakuno's character, Ryoma here was really active and I'm very much for it.

Really great chapter, so far!
11/1/2021 c6 rodalyngie
OMG! I cant wait to read the next chapter. Everything is heating up! Wooooh
10/16/2021 c6 3x.AnonymouslyYours.x
damn. I need more
10/14/2021 c6 danimorales9
OMG! I love it! Your story is well written and I love how you made Ryoma and Sakuno become friends. Can’t wait for another update!
10/13/2021 c6 eccentryssa1
Omg! You updated with a bang author-San! I'm so totally hooked with your latest chapter. That was so hot and also I can't contain my giddiness about this two adorable kids. My! Ryoma and his hormones. Kekeke i hope you update soon author-San. Stay safe always and thanks for the wonderful update. You made my day much better.
10/13/2021 c6 Guest
Hi i'm Violet Vania, one of your fans :v pleaseeeeee hurry up continue this pleaseeee, i want to see what happen next, i'm begging that Sakuno Will Shy and can't see Ryoma like the same, the story' are so good, all of your story' i have read is amazing. Keep healthy dan Fightooo ganbatte nee.. but seriously i'm begging for the next part :v
10/7/2021 c6 vanene10
dude! why do you have to stoooooop huhu my heart. the cliffhanger. please im waiting for the update. keep it up!
9/28/2021 c6 29Kitani
Oh I am all aboard the steamy smexy train. Bravo on writing a very inexperienced hormone filled teen. I love the fact Ryoma doesn't know what he's doing. Just going with what feels good works too! Too often male characters are written as playboys, Alphas who are dominating and controlling that are popular in romance novels. It's a turn on sure but in fanfiction does it match that character or is it rewriting them? I look forward to reading more about Ryoma suffering through his feelings.
9/26/2021 c6 Guest
An update! Yay!
Looking forward to the next already!
Hope all’s well, do take care
9/25/2021 c6 PinkRathian
Waiting for the next chapter .
9/25/2021 c6 SilentDevil16
Holy shit I love the direction this story is going in Looks like Ryoma has to face his feelings. I hope they don't avoid each other after this situation. Hopefully, they talk it out calmly instead of avoiding the issue cause they're so cute together (even as "friends"). Maybe Ryoma can get some advice from the senpais I'm just thinking of possibilities for fun I like how you've given a backstory to how Sakuno's shy personality was formed and explained why her meeting Ryoma and his tennis was such an important thing. It shows that her choosing tennis was not just to follow after her crush, a past-time that she can give up anytime she loses interest. So happy about the super long chapter, I agree with the other readers too, been craving for some RyoSaku stories too P.S. The Lime is much appreciated
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