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for Splintered Loyalties

4/11 c1 Kaizer1008
This really helped me to lessen my stress! what a great story, thank you for writing this” If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star App, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
1/23 c3 Guest
It was a nice story.
1/22 c3 Guest
Not sure what make of this?
1/22 c3 2Lairenna
I think they should both go to Robert.
1/17 c2 Donny Donuts
It was a good start, but you lost me with Arthur kneeling to Robert and becoming his King's Guard. I cannot see him swearing any oaths to Robert other than to kill him.
1/16 c2 11stevem1
I like the concept. The writing is good. The idea of redemption as a knight is a good one.

I doubt he’d find it with Robert. He’s almost as bad as Aerys. And serving Robert seems entirely inconsistent with his character in the books. If he survived he’d go to one of the four Targaryens (including Rhaella).

But that’s just me projecting my reasoning on the character. He could be doing very much what Barristan did, though Barristan had a better excuse than this story’s Arthur.

Well done.
1/16 c2 2Antares Graceford
Bit angst heavy for me but I'm keen to see where this goes. Hope Arthur gets his case taken some more though. Man has no honour.
1/16 c2 Guest
Thanks for the update.
1/11 c1 2Lairenna
Can't wait to see more. Some of my favorite stories have been Arthur surviving and helping to look after Jon. I'm not sure if that's where you're going but I guess we'll find out!
1/9 c1 Lester
But what are his intentions with Jon? I hope he doesn't mean to take him away from his family. Jon has a happy life with his father, brothers and sisters, friends, mentors, servants, etc who love him. It would be utterly unfair to take him away from that to force a crown upon him just to fulfill a long forgotten vow nobody cares about.
1/9 c1 4Lady Octarina
This is so good! can't wait to see what Arthur does when he finds out how Ned is hiding Jon
1/9 c1 Guest
Thank you for the new story.
1/8 c1 Force Smuggler
Really intrigued to see how an Arthur Dayne that is disillusioned with the vows of the Kingsguard reacts to everything that happened in the main series.
Hope Arthur can prevent Jon from going to the Wall.
So, Lyanna went 'willingly', but once she tried to leave, couldn't?
The Crown Prince says "Jump", you jump.
1/8 c1 1TheMarine2013
Yeah I already don't like this story. I dont see rhaegar ever doing this.
1/8 c1 Guest
I really hope he helps Jon and stick it to Ned

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