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for The Dreaded Age

20h c17 Wild Columbine
Loved it a lot!
6/18 c17 peggy
loved it
6/18 c17 yari.desu
Thank you so much for this amazing story! I laughed and cried. Well written and with a lot of touching moments as well of sexy moments… it was a journey that I loved to read from the start till the end!
6/18 c17 1moneytree9269
So sad to see this end but you did it beautifully. It feels like a very naturally ending to an amazing story.
6/18 c17 8The cat with blue eyes
very nice ending. I did like the lissa moment it was very funny
6/18 c17 debpreato
I absolutely enjoyed the story...you are such and awesome writer.
6/18 c17 Guest
Excellent story! Excellent ending! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!
6/18 c17 4RomitriReader
Yay thank you so much for this story. This is one of my all time favourite romitri fanfics and I know I’m going to be returning regularly to reread! (Also kind of have my fingers crossed for a prologue of the wedding party haha)
6/18 c17 kB-jolly
NOoooooo! It can’t be done! It was so good! Encore! Encore! Lol

Legit though, amazing work :)
6/18 c17 Inkpoint2
Histoire au top, j'ai toujours envie d'une suite, peut être que je suis gourmande...
Merci beaucoup
6/18 c17 Irina C
I'm so happy and in the same time I'm sad that this story reach the end. It was an amazing experience. I loved it. I really hope you will write a new VA story !
6/15 c16 Guest
Pleeeaaasssseeee update!
6/1 c16 peggy
great chapter, so proud of rose she has grown so wise. hope more good will follow her and dimitri now.
6/1 c16 8The cat with blue eyes
this was an important chapter and I think you wrote it well. especially the part where rose want to help prepare the memorial but also step down because she would not do a good job
6/1 c16 KrissyAD
Truly emotional chapter (I loved it!) Thanks for brightening my day with an Update! And I too was so excited to hear about the show being created.
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