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7/10/2022 c1 Bronze
Just what bloody hell did Harry's spirit do in some other lifetime to become Fates' regular chew toy?! Or should that chamber pot or maybe even spittoon? She/It certainly treats him like one of those if not all three! But whatever. Damn good thing he still has his lightsaber though. He's gonna need it to stay alive if the Safest School in the World after all. AS I've said to several other authors, if Hogwarts is the safest school in the world, then that implies all the rest MUST have an extremely high body count by the end of every school year. Or Good Ole Fumblemort is as usual lying through his beard! In my personal opinion, Harry was brain dead long before he stated Hogwash. If he had a brain with truly active brain cells by third year, he'd have realized that Hogwash was the least safest school in the world! And therefore find a much better school somewhere outside the country. Somewhere where the headbastard wasn't welcome to stick his beak no matter who or what he was looking for! But unfortunate Harry was totally brain dead thanks to the Dursleys and Good Ole Fumblemort. So, he spent seven worthless years in a substandard school wasting his parents hard earned gold. However this does seem to be a story where this Harry has a chance to survive and win. Whereas in canon it was pure dumb luck because the Primary Dork Lard decided he didn't need an education to defeat the Dork Lard he created in the 1940's.
4/16/2022 c2 ManticoreBlues
love the fanfic, hope you update soon
11/26/2021 c1 1venus4279
This is lovely - I do hope you decide to continue.
10/14/2021 c2 Jonathan Deller
This is rather intriguing.
7/30/2021 c2 21Duchess67
I really hate to be one of THOSE reviewers, but I've got to ask... WHY is Dumbles acting like Harry should know Hogwarts when Harry has only JUST arrived? That bit was super confusing.

And what has happened to the REAL Harry?
6/1/2021 c2 K
I truly love that this story shows a different side to dumbledore, I hope you write more, it gave me hope to see a story like this written this year, so I am definitely looking forward to reading more! Thankyou and good luck with the new chapters.
5/18/2021 c2 Zara Bennle
You will finish this story right? This isn’t being abandoned? It is really good and abandonment would be a tragedy.
5/18/2021 c1 Zara Bennle
This is a brilliant concept! I love Jedi!Harry. I can’t wait to see wat you will do next! You really should finish this story!
3/21/2021 c2 kewr69
Great storyline, I hope you decide to continue it.
3/1/2021 c2 1LoveSpock
Interesting, so far.
1/27/2021 c2 1venus4279
Great start! I adore your concept :) I can’t wait for more.
1/26/2021 c2 SamonIllmantrim
Very cool ! I hope to see more!
1/22/2021 c2 16thomaspheasant
please update immediately
1/17/2021 c2 King dearth
I really like this idea so far glad to see no Dumbledore bashing for once it got kinda over used now I'm sick of it lol
1/16/2021 c2 MarieAndHerDogs
I’m loving this story so much already! I’m definitely looking forward to some badass scenes.
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