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1/13/2021 c2 9Ranger McAleer
This is a great start, looking forward to more.
1/13/2021 c2 1Azaria Nighthawk
So far so good! It is a good story just don't let it die like so many others have done
1/12/2021 c2 SGKaisa
an interesting story, certainly looking forward to reading more
1/11/2021 c2 Critical2023
will wait for next chapter but some observation.
1- agree that the letting dumbledore read mind so fast was too quick for someone who just essential woke up.
2- would have been better for him to arrive earlier than the sorting as you had him gaining info from the force so around his birthday would have been a better choice then you could have diverged from cannon at that point.
3- after the transfiguration of his lightsaber will it still work as a lightsaber or just as an ordinary wand, just made of exotic metal and electronics instead of wood and magical animal core?
4- everyone is expecting the boy who lived who rode for several hours on a train with them the day before. he will either have to bluff or read minds to keep from being found out that he is no longer the same 11 year old who arrived on the train with them all which I foresee a large plothole forming and swallowing up the story.
1/10/2021 c2 Shob-vce-zlobyFB
I was really excited after the first chapter, but becoming so chummy with Dumbledore from get to go? Letting someone unknown to your mind? Even if he's felt as light to him, it's still stupid. Tbh, it maybe my own bias towards Dumbledore, but I still don't like it, cause I haven't seen any reasons to be so open. He could at least to lay low for a bit more, acquaint with a world. Things like that. It was too fast for me, even considering my dislike of Dumbs.
1/10/2021 c2 TheDemon1911
cant wait for the next chapter, interesting startline so far
1/10/2021 c2 ColdOnePaul
This is looking to be a quite interesting story. I’d like to see more of what you come up with.
1/10/2021 c2 TheAfrasiyab
Woww, I wasn't expecting the new chapter this soon. Nevertheless, let's talk about it. Firstly I must say that it was a bit strange for Madam Pomfrey to not be at the welcoming feast. I thought all staff would be there, as there would be no patients at that moment. Anyways, Harry and Dumbledore pair... I don't know, a bit fast for my taste. I liked Yoda flashbacks, that was interesting. Also I'm not a huge fan of making sorting hat an all knowing hat, I'm not saying you make it that, but just stating my dislikes. The fact that the hat was able to know that Harry's problem was not magical exhaustion is implying there is more to the hat. I recommend making balanced artifacts and people. Deus ex machinas are boring, however they might look great. Just an early warning for a story with good potential. Also liked your writing style, not very complex and not very simple. A good start after all. Keep up the good work!
1/9/2021 c2 SkylerHollow
Seems interesting, one thing I believe important is what happened to Earth Harry? Mostly is this a reincarnation, or a soul fusing, or something else entirely?
1/9/2021 c1 TheAfrasiyab
Well, I find this very much interesting, a reincarnated jedi Harry sounds lots of fun. Yet to become a great story it needs great detail of the nature of magic and force, difference between them if there are any. Also psychological aspect of this might be fun, will you change Harry's psyche due to him being in a younger body? Force and magic may factor in this, it all connects to your theory of magic/force and its relation to life itself, material and immaterial. I'm curiously waiting for the new chapter, wish you luck and inspirations!
1/9/2021 c1 1death hunter 101
This looks good can't wait for more
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