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8/19 c9 pix25
Nice chapter
8/19 c1 6BChuggs
8/18 c9 NotSerious4Fun
Love it
8/18 c9 haziqsaffari2
Keep it up.
8/18 c9 1Joshiewoshy
Thanks for the chapter
5/20 c8 freeforall546
oooo Jujutsu Kaisen's Yuji would make a great lesson for bell!
5/10 c8 PhantomMoon26
It is amazing so far.I can't wait to read what comes next. Please update again soon.
4/10 c8 10MarcoSketcher
Well. Things go in a very different direction for the characters, this is because of the actions and words they say.

It's very well done.
I'm looking forward to what's going to happen next.
3/30 c6 Hello
I would like it if bell is not the only member of the hesita familiarity like due to his luck skill he finds incredible talent and gets them to join the hestia famillia
3/29 c8 Guest
Great update
3/29 c8 pix25
The goddess of trickery being tricked? Seems she cant recognise when its being turned around on her haha
3/29 c8 Haziq Saffari1
Keep up the good work. Vol 17 will come next month, can't wait for the plot. Freya's pursuit of Bell is kinda annoying.
3/28 c8 4Voidborne II
Fate UBW. It is literally the story of a boy learning the way of becoming a hero.
3/13 c7 Hunternight
Good story can't wait for you to update this.
For wepon can you make bell use a sword because i think it will be more use full.

For magic like ariel but more is more effitient in long range in close quartes its mostle for deffence and offense
it dosen't effect his speed and can also heal.

As a side effect it will consume his 'mind' when active the more power he puts on the flame the more mind is consume, and also is very hard to control like when firing it in the distance the flame may go not hit the target but is very power.

when using full power the flames becomes white and more ferocious while more easy to control in exchange of after usage mind down will occure 100% and cannot be deactivated when using it, the same can go for healing he can now remove curses albiel only weak or intermidiate.

(attach) i call forth the etternal fire, a fire that represents my soul, the burning desire of mine, a flame to protect the good and slay the evil, -(Name of the spell)-
(heal) i call forth the etternal fire, a fire that represents my soul, the burning desire of mine, a flame that can drive impuritys away, and comfort the soul of a person.-(Name of the spell)-

how he got this is bell will ask hestia how he will get magic. Hestia will say 'who knows' and hestia was curious what bell cosiderd magic 'what is magic to you bell' bell thinks abbout it and answerd ' a grate power, A power not like my weak self. its Fire. fercious and bright' hestia then said 'bell do you know what i am a goddess of?' 'A goddess of home and harthe if i remeber correctly' ' yes i am but im also a goddess of vesta, fire' bell was shock, hestia continued 'fire is very violent, ruthles, unforgiving, but is also warm, kind and

And please don't abandon this its such a good story, thats all
2/20 c6 scionofwyrms
When isn't Loki drunk, would have been fun if she had ended up tied from the ceiling like bete was in the anime
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