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3/22 c15 Darkestcalling
so no care for Sirius ? honestly only a few of those make sense i have no idea where the hell sprout came from
11/18/2023 c16 Eldersprig
"But in choosing stealth, Harry gave up shielding."
Assuming he had to that (why?), if he had his invisibility cloak he could have both.
11/3/2023 c18 Books85
I just love Luna-centric stories, and you have managed to write her so she is 'all Luna, all the time,' but also logical, if you factor in the whole true seer. Congratulations!

Thank you for another really good Harry Potter Fanfic.
11/3/2023 c17 Books85
I can tell you're not a Princess Bride fan; you walked away from the chance to have Harry quote Inago Montoya, "My name is Harry Potter, you killed my parents, prepare to die." You even had the perfect setup, even.

Despite that I am enjoying this very much. Thank you.
10/28/2023 c6 BlazeStryker
Harry heard a reporter ask, "Rita has a secret?"

Harry said, "Now, now, you lot. You should respect Rita's privacy, just as she'd respect yours."

The reporters all grinned like wolves.
Thom, that was brilliant. I'm going to listen to _Paparazzi_ (by Jethro Tull) in honor of that.
10/18/2023 c16 SumNumb3rs
Pomona and not Sirius for a long life? I thought it was generally thought that house elves lived a very long life
10/15/2023 c15 dramonie1028
Sprout and Amelia but not Sirius?
10/14/2023 c1 mintuo
Haha ha immer drauf! "Auch wenn man eine weiße Weste an hat macht man sich die Finger schmutzig"
9/22/2023 c16 Loresign
With regards to your note at the beginning of the chapter, Dumbledore was slowly brainwashing Hermione since 3rd year. Harry was unable to go to Hogsmead with Hermione and Ron. Putting those two together. At Grimmauld, Harry is at the Dursleys and Hermione is with Ron. Neither one writes to Harry. I think you get the idea. Dumbledore was slowly pushing those two together. In 6th year, I feel like you in the 1st option.
9/14/2023 c15 19Kallanit
What Harry did was something his mother would have done? The witch who refused to forgive Snape even though he went to extreme lengths to beg her forgiveness after heonce, in a state of extreme distresscalled her a mudblood? Seriously?
9/8/2023 c15 Guest
i've been reading your stories all day and love them! i'm not even a HHR shopper but I am having a good time. that being said, harry didn't pick Sirius as one of his ten people to protect from death! big mistake.
8/24/2023 c15 Shadeymankey
I…totally agree with the few reviews i saw. I would have assumed he would choose sirius instead of sprout when he chose amelia. I mean why choose to allow your godfather to die before his fiance?
8/24/2023 c13 Shadeymankey
I DO NOT LIKE that in every story he gives up the wand and gives it back to dumbles. Still enjoy your stories though
8/14/2023 c15 KanameZeroYuki
Why wasn't Sirius chosen for the long life?
7/28/2023 c15 3sakurai.ryuu
all the time when I read this fic I wonder why he didn't choose Sirius out of those 10 people and Amelia as his girlfriend yes
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