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6/16/2023 c16 10malexandria
why didn’t he name Sirius?
6/12/2023 c15 sonotawriter
Hi, just realised you didn't put Sirius on Harry's list of 10 people?
6/10/2023 c15 HeartsGlow
Poor Neville will now outlive (many?) wives. ODD that he didn't choose Sirius instead of Sprout!
6/9/2023 c8 HeartsGlow
You started to include Neville early on, then you dropped him
6/6/2023 c4 masiasker
Hey, Tonks finished the school before Harry's 1st year, if you wasn't on purpose in your AU.
5/28/2023 c18 5BarbedCaress
Fun story
Thanks for sharing it with us!
5/23/2023 c18 8Marj123
An entertaining story. Thank you.
5/14/2023 c10 Katzztar returns
This part gets me: "...thirty-eight lawbreakers that need me... award them with light sentences." Dumbledore ADMITS they are lawbreakers and wants to AWARD them?! Most of these are Death Eaters: rebels out to overthrow the government, torturers, rapists and child-killers and Albus fucking Dumbledore wants to give them a light sentence... worse he worded as "award them".
4/25/2023 c18 Duchess67
Oh well done! And yes, Albus definitely deserved every bit of that! LOL
4/22/2023 c5 Guest
I wonder what the reaction of the Wizengamot would be if they knew it was a werewolf that taught Harry the patronus charm? Dumbledore would probably still try to claim the credit as the one who employed Lupin. This may cause a problem as his spy was the one who revealed Lupin's condition.
4/8/2023 c3 Guest
Are the protections on 12GP strong enough for the secret keeper (Dumbledore) to be kicked out? If that is the case, the only reason I can think of for Sirius to agree to the Fidelius is that Dumbledore convinced him that he wouldn't be arrested if it was in place.
3/31/2023 c18 11DeafeningEcho
A Swede that sings Rule Britannia, even if they’re four-legged and have horns, is unacceptable!
3/28/2023 c18 22Shinobi Gatana
3/21/2023 c18 HoneyBear84
Love it
3/19/2023 c15 Trld
Damn…. Poor Sirius!
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