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7/27/2022 c8 5Sammyboy94
Seer Smoke is a very interesting concept. To use gamer terminology it ‘Nerfs’ a Seers ability into something that powerful and helpful but not ‘Broken’
7/21/2022 c15 7V. L. Crawford
I definitely don't understand Harry choosing Sprout instead of Sirius. Sprout treated him badly after his name came out of the goblet too.
7/20/2022 c12 1blcoachmac
And McGonagall will rip him a new one!
7/20/2022 c8 blcoachmac
Go ahead and kill Molly, Ronald and Ginny, then torture Dumbledore for as long as possible!
7/20/2022 c7 blcoachmac
Oh ho, Luna knows and Voldy is in trouble! Harry needs one more friend to come to his aid and be either very deadly or very smart!
7/20/2022 c4 blcoachmac
Always love Andromeda and Tonks, Ted sometimes I can overlook!
7/11/2022 c17 csheila
Okay, that was direct and effective
7/11/2022 c16 csheila
Feisty little bugger
7/11/2022 c15 csheila
Why didn’t he pick Sirius?
7/11/2022 c14 csheila
Ramp it up, Luna
7/11/2022 c13 csheila
And away we go.

Your plots are more interesting than Canon
7/11/2022 c12 csheila
He is right
7/11/2022 c11 csheila
This is fun
7/11/2022 c10 csheila
Wow. A surprise
7/11/2022 c9 csheila
Hmm, why not make Luna a consort.

Or will he save it for Daphne
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