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2/18 c4 3jiubantai-taichoCalmejaneJose
Ok I really REALLY like this story and think it has a future however I can’t say I’m very exited about having a bunch of OCs running around because that doesn’t tend to end well however I can see him having to call for backup if he knows and can see that an entire coven is so close to him and a human town. As I said I would like to truly have him stand out from your average exorcist somehow so that he can actually stay relevant and overall a powerful player to “balance the scales” as Sabrina either gets her power up or even as she rules over hell as I said before maybe he finds out he is either the son of Michael or some other Archangel and that is why he can call upon such forces or “blessings” and that gives him protection against witches and warlocks. Or he is Lucifers son too and commands his power yet has been “repurposed” by the church I mean yes Lucifer is the Devil and the enemy of God but he was also his beloved son even the favorite son, the bringer of light and head of the Choir of heaven(I think lol) however I can’t help but notice that his use of a Sword does paint some parallel to Michael the Sword of God, the protector, etc. a fine antithesis to the Devil and the one that Cast him out of heaven after he defeated him in combat. I can’t help but think that could be a VERY interesting plot to see him romantically involved with Sabrina and Dorcas. I redo hope to see that anyway I can’t wait to see what will happen after all he will be present during Sabrina’s escape from the church of night after she refuses to sign. Will he help her? Will he see the Devil on her shoulder as it literally tries to force her to sign?! After all his eyes are blessed and seem to be able to see evil beyond any disguise it can don. Also if he helps her Will something start to grow there? Does Sabrina at least find him attractive already? I can see she is interested obviously not in that way YET. Also it would be really cool if he could start using the flames and the sword like Rin from Ao no Exorcist. And this somehow gets him “invited” into the coven as a possible way to get to corrupt him I can totally see Lucifer being interested and trying to get him and “playing nice” to try and get him. Even if he turns to just be a blessed mortal he seems like the kind to love to simply see one of Gods most loved children “bite the apple” and there is where I can see him sending Prudence Agatha and Dorcas along with any witch and succubus he can to try and flip him that would be great to read(We know he does like that tactic he used it with Lilith sent Nick to Sabina and who knows how many times he tried and did so with other priests exorcists and even Ángels to get them to fall from grace sometimes successfully too) not to get him to sin no that’s too easy any teenager with hormones can and will eventually fall no he is the king of hell and he always plays to win big so I scan see him trying to get him to sign the book of the beast and become one of the most powerful demons or warlocks ever “born” by bestowing him with power amd also giving him all the women he would desire, especially sending the weird sisters with the assignment to try to win his heart or just simply get him to turn by wanting to spend his long life with them and therefore signing his name for him to want to spend eternity with them in the afterlife and not be apart with him in heaven also offering money power anything he so desires. Of course not all at once and forcefully because that will fail I think even if his faith isn’t “fanatically good” he still has the will to resist that easily in the moment but we have seen the Devil and he isn’t that blunt or foolish. No he would first get him into his own sphere of influence, into the academy of unseen arts, maybe by threatening Sabrina or by have his servants(Blackwood) offer him with the invitation to attend by presenting the choice to do so as a “Guardian” or “protector” of Sabrina’s soul as a part of the double contract on her soul since she is Baptized and theoretically part of and under the protection of the Church as well as the Church of Night in order to slowly tempt him and bide his time slowly poisoning both his mind and faith and slowly eating at his faith, a small kiss with Dorcas here, a tumble with Prudence there, an outing with Agatha, the Lupercalia being hunted by the weird sisters perhaps a succubbus or two somehow getting closer to Sabrina, a night with Dorcas, Dorcas starts falling for him like Nick did for Sabrina she sees him as a good man and someone that catches her eye and treats her perhaps even protects her and somehow feels his “light” share and shine upon her darkness, the same starts Happening to Sabrina and things get even more interesting. Hell I can even imagine Lucifer talking to the sisters threatening them by promising pain and suffering in the pit if they don’t get him “the boys soul” that they must “push even harder, go even deeper. Hold him down all three of you as you pleasure him beyond humanly possible summon any succubus they if you must but GET ME HIS SOUL! Or you shall pay” and Dorcas being completely unable to deny her feelings anymore now “in love” with the young exorcist beyond salvation as she gets protective and even jealous as Sabrina and him get closer. In short truly interesting future and possible outcomes even before the old ones are even mentioned.
2/18 c3 jiubantai-taichoCalmejaneJose
Ok interesting story I hope to see more soon. About the blue flames it’s kind of very interesting since there are many ways it could go. He could either A)Actually be the son of Lucifer and be using Hellflame without knowing it having been taken as a child and “repurposed” to actually kill those he was made to command and rule over. 2)Actually be the son of another Archangel like say Michel as a way to combat Sabrina which would be REALLY interesting especially if they actually get together and/or when they start having feelings for each other. It would be like two Nuclear weapons that were literally designed (or birthed) to not only destroy each other but to destroy even an Archangel end up loving one another and flipping the finger to both their absentee fathers to put them both in check. And as Hellflire comes fromLucifer an Archangel so do es his blue fire come from Michel another Archangel both drawing from divinity (as its said that Lucifer draws power from his divinity and is on par with Archangels like himself. or 3) That fire is taken from Michel or an Archangel and is thereafter used to burn the spawn of hell in the very own flame from which they came. Or 4) He actually has Divine power himself and so it manifests into blue fire as strong as hellflame itself. Or the ever boring but simple the sword is a powerful relic that actually holds hellfire sealed within it and it has recognized him so he can now use and command it. Sorry if it was too long I just like this story and think it could be good also I would love to see something like the Weird sisters getting a liking to an exorcist without them knowing like trying or even getting it on with him only to find out that he is actually an exorcist lol. But maybe he can actually get Dorcas to bulge if he has help from heaven and actually uses compassion and can push her his way I don’t know why but every time I watch the show I find certain moments where I feel she is on the verge of flipping like actually being good. She doubts Agatha and doesn’t want to kill Thommy, she seems to genuinely mourn for Melvin when the Angel kills him, she doesn’t want to torture Ambrose in fact she seems to ALMOST even fall for him and kiss him for a second and she seems like she doesn’t like being an actual bitch a lot of times but in the end there is always Prudence or Agatha there to tip her back into the dark maybe for once someone can manage to beat them to the punch.
1/20 c3 Khalucifer
Like it.
However I find his mindset kind of naive for an exorcist that have live in the supernatural world pretty much his whole life.
A more cynical and pessimistic side could add a layer to his character. He should be suspicious of Sabrina, her reactions should have at least make him cautious.
But he is young so it's explainable...
Ps : I hope that even if you follow Canon, you'll make it a little more horrific and magical than the TV Show.
Seriously what they did after season 1 can only be described as a long downfall in the ridiculous.
1/12 c1 Khalucifer
Thank you for your work.
I hope you keep updating this one. It's very rare to find a Chilling... Fanfic that isn't a slash.
I don't have a more constructive opinion for now but you can be sure I'll be waiting for updates. :)

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