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1/24 c1 13PineNutPesto
I think Missouri got short shrift in that show; I really thought and hoped we'd see more of her than we did. Thanks for adding to her character a bit!
1/10 c1 ManySkills
This is heartbreaking. Think what it would feel like to know this is your last day on earth. What things would you need to put in order? There just wouldn't be enough time?
Well done, and thanks.
1/10 c1 Cooper
From many characters over the 15 years who had a much larger role in fic than they ever had in the show, in my opinion Missouri was the best. And the one with the most potential for canon development and engagement with the boys. Since we didn't get any more of her on our screens, it's wonderful she lives on in writing. This is a very fitting and empowering end for her. Well done!
1/11 c1 1Bessie
I love this. Really feels in character for Missouri. Bittersweet.
1/11 c1 LittleLurker
You make things so much more understandable, believable. I would have liked to see some of that on the show, but then again, I turn to you and your SPN stories and view of why things turned out the way they were shown precisely to make sense of them for me (and probably a whole bunch of others as well). Thank you!
1/11 c1 1Ginza
I like this a lot, I hated that they brought back Missouri only to kill her, but it wasn't surprising.
1/10 c1 tcarpenter
I enjoyed this. Missouri was one of my favorites.
1/10 c1 81shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
Awh I love the idea that Missouri chooses her fate because it's the one that most benefits everyone else that she cares about.
1/10 c1 74sandybeliever
Very cool.

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