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8/22/2019 c8 5powerrangersoflight
Sorry that I'm years late, but this fic caught my eye. I hope you plan on updating soon (please!)
6/7/2009 c8 15MissPoe
hey, i like the story so far... personally i liked it when it was just suki/mia tho :]
2/6/2007 c8 31Brightly75
interesting twist. not the end though right?
5/29/2006 c8 Slashshipper
plz update soon

hope like hell Suki and Mia get back together
8/18/2005 c8 Billy Rose

poor suki

i know that mia and this evie apparently have history and all, but still

poor suki

can't wait for the next chap

btw sorry it took me so long to review, i forgot to check this for author alert or w/e
3/29/2005 c7 Billy Rose
great fic

love it so far

can't wait to see how evie knows mia(was she the girl from 7 months ago that broke her heart? b/c that would be one hell ova coincidence)
10/13/2004 c7 4Etoile-san
love it! absoloutely love it.
10/25/2003 c7 Anonymous
Can you PLEASE update as I really really love thins story and you haven't updated and you really really should.

8/3/2003 c7 like veins
Hye, this is kinda cool...i love the whole dialogue thing you've got going...one question? Suki's not real les is she? in my story she'd not! Well i've made it she'd not...
7/13/2003 c7 1AJ-CHAN
this is a really good story and all but well im just saying ur should end this flashback with suki and evie soon or else ppl will start to forget about the real story in how the torreto group came to miami, but nice story though ill be waiting for the next chapter
7/11/2003 c7 4Corrupted Dreams
Hey girl! Damn this is gonna be one hell of a story! lol, so what happend to Mia and Suki? plz update soon! Im dying to know what happens next! Later,

7/11/2003 c7 Paulgirl
Is Mia And Brain goin to get together and I love it so far
7/11/2003 c6 1JRodriguez
great chapter...keep going!

7/11/2003 c6 38Isabelle8888
I like the story but I don't know what kind of story it is. Is it about Mia and Suki or is it about everyone? I really wish you wrote more about Brian. It's your story, I will like it no matter what you do. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I just update my story " Never stops" Please read chapter 3, i really want to know what you think


7/7/2003 c5 Paulgirl
what happen next I love it so far
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