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7/4/2003 c5 Paulgirl
What happen next please tell
6/29/2003 c5 31Brightly75
hey. came to your profile cause you reviewed one of my fics. thanks for that.

anyway, good story. can't wait to see what else you do with it. i'm glad i wasn't the only one that got the lesbian vibe from suki, and her with mia is just hot.
6/27/2003 c5 Paulgirl
Hey what happen next please put it up
6/24/2003 c5 suki
Wow! i just LOVE your story. hope I'll read more soon!

Good job and keep the good work!
6/23/2003 c5 Paulgirl
when r u goin to update
6/23/2003 c5 Anonymous
Can you Please PLease PLEase PLEAse PLEASe PLEASE update and really really son because I love this story, and it is one of the best stories written

6/20/2003 c5 4Corrupted Dreams
Hey gurl, kool chapter, Suki has a nice ass house! damn! wow, Brian and Mia, haha, wuts gonna happen there? lol, update soon chica! Peace,

6/20/2003 c5 1JRodriguez
this is good. hah, i wonder what brian's gunna do now..update soon!

6/20/2003 c5 Molly
I love this story its so dame funny

6/20/2003 c5 mmmmocha
Whoa don't tell me Mia slept with Suki! Mia had too much to drink huh? Looking forward to your update...
6/20/2003 c5 38Isabelle8888
i am a huge fan of the fast and the furious and i love 2fat2furious. i am in love with paul walker. i have writen my own story about the fast and the furoius i hope you read it and tell me what you think it's called NEVER STOPS it has the cast of 2f2f. I love your story, please update soon.


6/19/2003 c1 kaita
hey...wow great story! plz keep writing, i HAVE to know what happens between mia and suki and the rest of the gang...u should definetly get letty and dom back together again tho!

6/19/2003 c5 xam1080
I've got no clue where you're gonna go with this, and I'm loving it. Of course, everyone loves lesbian action :)) Keep going...hurry! LOL
6/17/2003 c4 xam1080
Ya know...for some odd reason I've always pictured Suki like that. I don't really know why but, yeah. This is really great so far, keep it up. I'll be reading :-D
6/16/2003 c4 4Alex-Diesel
Wow! I really like this! I was feelin' Suki when I saw 2F2F, but they didn't give her too much credit. You're givin' her the attention she needed!lol I wanna see Letty hook up wit a chick kinda like Suki, but then I wanna see Dom try to win her back! Can you make it happen? Please? Great chapter chica. Keep It Up Gurl!:)

Alex_Diesel ^_^
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