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6/16/2003 c4 4Corrupted Dreams
Hey chica, i like this story, but is Suki gonna get wit Mia? I hope Letty gets wit Dom because i really do think they belong together...bueno, update soon!Peace Out

6/16/2003 c4 mia
hey! this was a super cool story...i liked it...you had some typos tho...so maybe re-read...and try to have them all have emotion 2gether...ttyl
6/9/2003 c2 1JRodriguez
hey this is good and interesting...keep going!

6/9/2003 c1 mmmmocha
Very cool! I am hoping that there will be a 3rd TFATF so Roman and Dom can meet each other. I can't wait to see where go with your story, keep it coming!
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