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for You stupid dog!

3/7 c1 5Hoguie
This is the same story posted again...
1/14 c1 7ArchPsion
Um...is this a joke? I’m genuinely hoping it is. Wouldn’t be a funny one, but at least any concerns I have would be laid to rest.
1/11 c1 4Tenjo
I don’t know what the commenter below me was smoking, but there was nothing funny about this. It’s a disgusting story about a pruny old bitch torturing a child and killing her children’s pets for some gold and her own satisfaction.

Forget funny, there’s nothing even remotely likeable about this story. I don’t even see the point of it... was it supposed to be cool? Interesting? I can guarantee you it was neither.
1/10 c1 37jean d'arc
Very funny!
Thanks :)

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