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for What Doesn't Kill Me

6/13 c10 Veonix
DUDE, I cant wait for the next chapter. I think this story is a beast of a good story
6/12 c6 1Scottch
Amazing plan lmao! Iida telling him not to bully someone by glaring of all things. Damn, makes me dislike him. Good job.
6/12 c3 Scottch
Or is she not in there and isnt the brown haired girl i thought she was
6/12 c3 Scottch
How did Momo get further than Infinity? I don't understand how she won the throw...
6/10 c10 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
6/10 c10 Dylan-A-Friend
6/3 c10 Guest
Great chapter. Izuku is going to be power leveling that physical resistance stat soon.
5/29 c10 12helrio uzugaku
Not gonna lie, I've been waiting for a fic like this to come around.

The whole 'adapt to survive' concept is one I've wanted to see in a bnha fanfiction for months now. The closest thing to it though, before this of course, became cheap and frankly very shitty after a while. Since you mentioned izuku is only inspired by Doomsday does that mean there's abilities he doesn't have? What's the real difference? Outside the obvious personality difference.

So far it isn't bad. The story flows well, characterization is fine. I like the realism of the character personalities. There's little fabrications to see here. The grammar is colorful and broad, enjoyable to read but nothing truly special. The story itself is uniquely written even if some scenes don't flow as well as they could.

I also like what the author has done by separating bakugo and izuku. I understand the concept of 'learning to work with people you hate or dislike' but the way canon seems to ignore the idea of isolated healing. Bakugo healing from the Ego feeding environment he and izuku were in. And izuku from the obviously abusive and neglectful environment of aldera Jr middle school. It's like UA was actively trying to force the two into this unhealthy rivalry the 2 had going on. Bakugo needed to have his ego curbed by an authoritative figure that wouldn't put up with his shit. Izuku needed a supportive figure that systematically shut down self depreciating comments and actively built up the foundations of his only minutely recovering self esteem. Neither could happen if they were in the same class. Izuku would be a constant reminder that bakugo isn't the center of existence and bakugo would actively tear away any progress made to build up izuku's sense of self worth.

So I love what the author is doing. Personally, I would lose no sleep over Bakugo going villain, he's already got the shitty personality of one, with heroes like him who needs villains? But I'm not against his redemption. But not before he goes through whole ARCS of self discovery, reflecting on past decisions and general ego crushing to remind him.

Bakugo has it in his head that his opinion is groundbreaking and irrefutable, which is why he takes it so bad when izuku triumphs where he fails. Someone needs to remind bakugo that his opinion, until he proves it's worth in action, isn't worth the oxygen the bastard wastes spewing his greater-than-thou propaganda. Which is exactly what it is.
5/28 c10 1Poseidon93
Great so far! looking forward to more!
5/27 c1 Toehoe123
personally i dont think izuku should have a love interest. i think the story would benefit from focusing on the action/adventure as well as character developement than a whole side romance plot
5/27 c5 michaelyhg1
I don't know why someone put that Reiko was verbose on the Wiki for her character but I do know why there aren't any references to the manga or anime to give evidence or example to that particular character trait, and that's because she isn't verbose, the most she ever talks is during the battle between class 1-A and and 1-B and she hardly speaks at all and when she does its succinct and relevant, and even if she was verbose, what you put wasn't an example of someone who is verbose, it was just disjointed bullshit.

Being verbose is a matter of simply doing what any good English teacher would tell you not to do, and my English teacher had a PhD so you know her advice is good, being verbose is where you use a large word where a short one would do, "That's bright" becomes "That is extraordinarily illuminous", you don't just regurgitate words or use a thesaurus.
5/27 c10 gandalf.nho
Only imagining the fight between Izuku and the noumu...
5/26 c1 omniscient tree
im going tosay this now. pick nejire hado. not many fics with that pairing out there
5/26 c1 Funny-Little-Cute White Fox
Awesome idea man
5/26 c10 Story Savage
While your story idea is interesting and your storytelling fairly solid (decent grammar and spelling, solid narrative and dialogue, etc.), there are two glaring problems.

First is that there is too much filler in your story. The plot is moving at a snail's pace, because it feels like very little of importance is happening in each chapter. As the story has proceeded, I've become less and less excited for each new chapter, because I already know is going to be go on a tangent and very little is going to happen.

Second is that the chapters are so short, in only makes the first problem even worse. It only takes me a few minutes to read an entire chapter, and when I get done I feel like almost nothing has happened in these last few.

Frankly, I think you'd be better off posting two or three chapters at once, either as a combined single chapter or just multiple chapters.

Please note, I didn't say anything about how quickly you should post, so don't take this as a request for faster writing or some such. I'm giving you a simple, honest critique based on my experiences, not requesting you write faster.

That said, another option would be to start paring down the useless puff parts in each chapter to only the bare necessities, in order for each chapter to have more overall impact and push the plot forward.

Because right now I come in expecting to see something interesting, only to be disappointed by long winded explanations about Izuku's "people issues" and such. Sure, that's relevant, but did it need to fill up that much of the chapter? Really?

Like I said, I like the concept, but the execution isn't ideal.
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