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for What Doesn't Kill Me

6/24 c19 TheHarshApprentice
I like reading non-OFA izuku but someone else getting OFA is dealbreaker for me aswell
6/24 c32 kingthe13
It turned his blood into maple syrup he is now part Canadian
6/20 c37 flamingcrazy86
Big fan! Been reading since the first 5 chapters, just kinda stopped to let you get more chapters done. Two things, 1) why do you type Ururaka instead of Uraraka? Sorry not trying to be rude it’s like looking at a crooked painting but not being able to fix it. 2) Your latest chapters seem to have more typos and grammar mistakes? Quality of story is the same but sometimes messing up a phrase or a single word can throw a reader off. I really like this story and seeing how you take this and just want you to be able to present it the best way possible! No hate only love. Also I’ve never read a MLA presentation like this. I want to read more now. Looking forward to new updates.
6/15 c37 Green
it wouldn't be fair otherwise' sounds like a weak argument.

A person could have a quirk that stopped people deliberately moving until it was removed either at will or when touched with a valid police badge held by the owner, while they are not under duress. And if they were in a bank robbery they could not use their power.
6/13 c1 5MOBIUS archives
I'd like to see Izuku and Mina being together as a couple in this.
Also amazing story so far!
6/10 c36 SonicMax
The mla is the same as any rebel party good intentions but grabs all the bullies who want to oppress the weak.
6/7 c37 solbandgus
Interesting take on Bakgou's canon internship, showing even this take has some standards.
6/7 c37 Guest
I’ve got a question, would Izuku adapt to be resistant to Eri’s quirk.
6/7 c37 2ProjectIceman
ReDestro is gonna be a complicated one
6/7 c37 DavenTheNomad
Quirk usage laws may be strict on paper, sure, but in actuality? Not so much. Children use them all the time, teens aren't afraid to show off their quirks in front of their teacher in school and etc. Sure, you may make a point that laws are more lax in regards to minors, but that would be kind of counterintuitive. Would you allow people to use their quirk in public until the age of 18 while giving them a light scolding and then suddenly send them to jail right after their 18th birthday? I hope not. Realistically speaking the usage of a quirk that doesn't involve criminal activity would just result in perpetrator paying a fine, not immediately being arrested.
6/6 c37 28Kairan1979
So Bakugo is still in denial. Well, at least Jeanist tried.
6/6 c37 Blaze1992
Something not even his quirk can protect him from the dreaded teasing tone of one's own mother.
6/6 c37 8Quathis
Good to show that the MLA isn't blindly accepting UA, though we know both sides were going to have some issues going on. Looking forward to how this relationship goes.

It is heartening to see Izuku having normal friendship and high school romance. Quite the change from the usual emotional issues he goes through.

Until next time.
6/6 c37 8Pally The Second
can't wait for more
6/6 c37 5Monkey D. Conan
Short and simple, but nice further development. Excellent work. Can’t wait for more!
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