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for Little Shinji of Horrors

1/13 c1 James Birdsong
Excellent. Bravo
1/11 c1 72Zm93
Good story. Bravo
1/11 c1 20Azure Dragon of the East
Chewed the scenery? If his performance was anything like Steve Martin's, he devoured it.
1/11 c1 BigBlueSmile11
This is so good! I absolutely loved Shinji's performance, as well as Asuka and Misato's respective reactions. I geeked out when I saw that you had made Shinji make use of Gendo's style, that was a brilliant touch. Thank you so much for this story, I hope you write more Evangelion fics!
1/11 c1 6YourBlandestNightmare
Man, I haven't thought of Little Shop of Horrors in forever. I think it's due time I watch it again.

Awesome little piece. I love it when the kids engage in normal activities, and I agree, Shinji (and the other pilots, for that matter) would've benefited a lot from doing some theater.

Also, I applaud your choice of Mana and Mari for the Greek chorus, I can totally see them doing that, especially the latter. Mayumi is a bit weird of a choice, but as you say, casting against type is fun.
1/10 c1 20Lexarius
Great performance!

Now I have the song stuck in my head, and imagining Victor Ugarte (Shinji’s LatinAmerican voice actor) singing it over Steve Martin’s performance!

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