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for Evenfall

7/14 c11 lucel18
Damn.. I love the symbolism in your writing.. thank you! Can’t wait for your next update!
7/14 c10 lucel18
Thank you so much for your author’s note at the bottom! It answered a lot of my questions.
7/14 c9 lucel18
Oooh, because Keishuk wants her dead. I do hope she learns archery.
7/14 c8 lucel18
Maybe that medicine is to prevent pregnancy?
7/14 c7 lucel18
The beginning of Yona of the Dawn is already tragic, but you’ve managed to crank it up a notch. Well done! Lol.
7/14 c6 lucel18
Thank goodness Hak is still alive!
7/14 c5 lucel18
What happens if she gets pregnant?
7/14 c4 lucel18
Yeah, girl! Pretend..play it smart but I have a feeling he will see through her plan.
7/14 c3 lucel18
I wonder what happened to Hak. Will the dragons show up? Hmm..I’m curious about where you will take this story.
7/14 c2 lucel18
I’m glad you gave Suwon more emotion here.
7/14 c1 lucel18
Interesting start! Thanks!
2/27 c1 81Demonocracy
I'm intrigued by this obsessed Soo-Won, but oh-my, does my heart ache for Yona?
I love it.
2/17 c7 Alisha
Good Story

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