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for Long Roads

4/22/2023 c15 Courtstuffs
This story is so good (like ALLLL your stories!) I hope one day it gets updated, even if it’s a year from now
10/11/2022 c15 Guest
I hope you do come back to this one!
4/15/2022 c15 Laina Bee
I love this story, and hope you continue soon
2/16/2022 c15 Guest
Hope you will find a mojo to continue and finish this excellent story
1/19/2022 c15 NeeNee246
OMG! I was going to wait to read this because it's on hiatus but after skimming the first chapter I couldn't stop and now I am all caught up and DYING to know more! This is such a fantastic story! I need to know what will happen next! I love this story and I love these characters! ;)
1/19/2022 c14 NeeNee246
This is so great! I am excited and scared to read the next chapter! ;)
1/19/2022 c13 NeeNee246
This is so great! ;)
1/19/2022 c12 NeeNee246
I really love Edward! ;)
1/18/2022 c11 NeeNee246
OH MY! I hope Angela doesn't end up being a problem for Bella. o.o
1/18/2022 c10 NeeNee246
I love them! ;)
1/18/2022 c9 NeeNee246
I love Kate! ;)
1/18/2022 c8 NeeNee246
OMG! I hope Edward can keep such a promise! I am really enjoying this story! ;)
1/18/2022 c7 NeeNee246
FECK! I totally teared up hen Anthony asked Bella is he could share his dad with Charlie! He is such a sweet kid! Big hugs for him! And Edward too! ;)
1/18/2022 c6 NeeNee246
I love this! ;)
1/18/2022 c5 NeeNee246
WOW! It's so great that Bella has the Cullen's in her life! :)
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