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for Long Roads

5/22/2021 c3 teacher1209
I love tacos, and Anthony, such a great kid!
5/22/2021 c2 teacher1209
Loving this story!
5/22/2021 c11 wendyandgrace
Yikes! Angela seemed VERY judgmental and negative. I hope her trip is a short one!

and.. OMG Edward couldn't get any sexier if he tried! all sweet and understanding!
5/22/2021 c11 8Sassy Mami
Well wow. One thing is trying to understand what happened and another is to judge the steps she is taking to heal and become a survivor and not a victim. I don’t like Angela right now and I wonder what is Bella going to do with her being under the same roof. Thanks for the update.
5/22/2021 c11 1JayNahNah
Angela shouldn’t have come if she was going to be so judgmental..hope she adjusts her attitude or she should leave.
5/22/2021 c11 woosh48
It’s hard to see Angela’s point of view here. She’s being so judgemental and not very supportive. Good for Bella that she sticks up for herself!
5/22/2021 c11 mysticfighter111
Angela is so biased, judgemental and overall afraid of live, a living small-town-cliche. I would expect a friend to be happy that Bella has people who support her, keep her safe and help her build a life for herself and Charlie. I can only hope she won't lead Sam to them.
5/22/2021 c11 dazzled eyes22
Ugh! I didn’t like the vibe coming off Angela. She very judgmental and doesn’t seem very friendly. She’s not even listening to her story with an open mind. I hope Angela takes a breath and gives her “friend” and this family a chance.

Why would Charlie and Esme okay this visit without talking to Bella first? Aren’t they afraid she might lead the press to Bella’s new location?
5/22/2021 c11 4Kerry Hale
Oh boy!
Loved it as always
5/22/2021 c11 mnnlisa
I hope Angela chills and becomes the friend Bella deserves. Edward is so good with Charlie.
5/22/2021 c11 Miller18
Angela is really a very critical person. She is also so negative about the way Bella is doing in her life. She should be glad Bella is finally adjusting and making a life for herself.
5/22/2021 c11 crazycats7
Poor Bella. For some reason I don't trust Angela.
5/22/2021 c11 Mom23xx
Maybe Angela will learn a few things and not be so jaded while there.
5/22/2021 c11 CoppertopJ
Angela needs to pack her shit and go back to where she came from! No help is better than shitty, judgemental help. Go Home Angela.
5/22/2021 c11 rochinha058
Ohh man sucks that bella and Angela's reunion is not going well. Hopefully Angela will be able to see how good Edward is too Bella and Charlie
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