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for Long Roads

1/20/2021 c1 midnitereader
Interesting. Anthony and his dad seem close. I don't like this Sargent Whitlock. Alice may be Ant's mother but Edward is his father. Bella seems so alone. Thankfully she has Emmett and Rose but this was a situation she didn't welcome. I wonder if she was raped.
1/20/2021 c4 AnakinSmom
Will Sergeant Whitlock be a problem now?
1/20/2021 c4 Nannyjojo
Hmmmm, still not sure about Jasper.
He seemed ok here, but Tony wouldn't make this stuff up.
Time will tell I guess.
Bella and Edward are very comfortable around each other.
I have a feeling she'll need that over the coming month's.
Not liking Dr Denali. Its an eye roll moment lol.
1/20/2021 c4 WiltshireGlo
I really like them, as individuals and together.
1/20/2021 c4 spicycheeto
Thanks for the update
1/20/2021 c4 ohtobeyoung
We're seeing a bit of a jealous Bella here I think. The situation with Nadler is a little hard for me to figure out. I think Bella may be a bit spot on in her assumption. I think he is intimidated by Edward and that is why their relationship is strained. He was a good soldier but that is really all he knows well. His description three me. It took me completely by surprise. I expected him to be still sporting the military look. He sees Edward as this successful educated professor and his son loves him dearly. He's a fish out of water and unfortunately used the only thing he knows, his military terms to help him cope. I probably overanalyzed. I hope he doesn't push Bella away. She needs him.
1/20/2021 c4 Vivv0217
I hope next chapter comes soon!
1/20/2021 c4 Guest
they are so cute! all four of them (edward, bella, charlotte & anthony) i would like to read more scenes between e&b only though.

thank you and take care.
1/20/2021 c4 debslmac
1/20/2021 c4 4Kerry Hale
Awesome chapter. Tony is the sweetest
1/20/2021 c4 rochinha058
Love this story so far! Tony is sweet!
1/20/2021 c4 CoppertopJ
God, I love this Bella.
1/20/2021 c4 Loveforgreeneyes
I hate that Tony and Jasper don’t have a good relationship. Alice needs to get her head out of her butt and fix this problem.
1/20/2021 c4 SassYNoleS
Another amazing chapter lovely !

I enjoyed Bella and Edward's sex talk .. and the fact that Bella choose to do something as sweet as kissing Edward's cheek and it felt freeing to her .. that's a wonderful step!

I love all the Bella, Tony and Charlie moments and love it when Edward joins them .. I am glad that Jasper was atleast nice to Bella ..

So cannot wait for more x
1/20/2021 c4 Patriciadiane
Jasper is interesting. The history of these two will be so much for these two.
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