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7/31/2021 c15 KeikiBelle
I just started this story last night, and I really like it! Please don’t let the readers have an impact on your art! It’s your story, and nobody should tell you how your stories should be written. You are posting your creative work on a free forum, I am so sorry people feel the need to criticize rather than provide constructive support and feedback. I hope you see my post and realize that there are many readers like me who want you to continue the story. Please don’t let a few bad apples spoil it for you. I really enjoyed what I have read so far, I would like to know how it ends. Preferably with Jake in jail! LOL.
7/31/2021 c15 teacher1209
Great chapter! Hoping you don't put this on hiatus, I really love this story.
7/31/2021 c15 Rita01tx
Yeah, that intern needs her butt kicked into the next century for that heartless stunt! Lesson learned, one can only hope *sigh!* The thing I admire most about Bella, and I'm sure Edward does as well, is her fearless honesty!

ps: I'll be readin' both as they are posted so no frettin', okay?
7/30/2021 c15 20twilightnaley19
Wow! I wonder what would make her sell the photos. Cant wait to read more. Update soon
7/30/2021 c15 debslmac
7/30/2021 c15 mysticfighter111
The intern didn't care if she destroyed Bella's life, her own carreer of her company's reputation, not to mention Edward and Anthony as collateral.
I would love to read the whole story and hope that you feel you can continue.
7/30/2021 c15 crazycats7
I really like to see you finish this story.
7/30/2021 c15 fanfictionalcolic
Please don’t put it on hiatus, it’s an amazing story.
7/29/2021 c15 diana2012
Oh no! I love long roads! It makes me happy when you post but whatever is best for you! Thank you for posting!
7/29/2021 c15 Godschildtweety
Really good
7/29/2021 c15 Kate
I have Always enjoyed all of your stories and I love this one as well. Please keep working on it
7/29/2021 c15 Nannyjojo
I'll be here ready to read. Whether it be next week or next year.
You got to do what's best for you.

I'm glad Bella brought it up.
They can work on that issue together.
Sorry but that intern needs to face the music.
She signed a non disclosure. And is she didn't the photographer should be held accountable too, for bringing someone along who hadn't signed.
7/29/2021 c15 Zveka
Don’t stress yourself about this story, hope’ you will continue because it’s excellent story but it’s you alone who know what is the best for you
7/29/2021 c15 Mistydeb
Wow, I can’t believe an intern from Berkeley would be stupid enough to break an NDA. That could ruin their career before it’s started. I’m glad they’ve talked about things instead of letting it fester for longer. I can understand why Bella needs to live on her own for a while and Edward needs to support her decision. Debbie
7/29/2021 c15 lillianolivia.white
Im glad that Edward and Bella had this talk. Great photographer’s intern hopefully learned a valuable lesson.
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