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1/12/2021 c1 13archy12
Poor kid, scared of his would-be stepfather!
I totally get that Jasper sometimes thinks he's Edward's boss. Some people are like that-bossy.
Oh no, someone hurt Bella. :(
1/12/2021 c1 cullensrule
I'm in.
1/12/2021 c1 Edward-Bella Lover Forever
Already hooked! Can’t wait for more!
1/11/2021 c1 bearygirl
Can't wait to read more.
1/11/2021 c1 motherbeatrice
Loved, please continue...
1/11/2021 c1 Mom23xx
I’m not going to like jasper am I? Poor bella...heartbreaking.
1/11/2021 c1 4Kerry Hale
Super excited to read your writing again,
Loved it and can’t wait to read more
1/11/2021 c1 MsLiss
Very interesting dynamic
Thank you
1/11/2021 c1 aimCULLENee
Sounds good so far
1/11/2021 c1 mysticfighter111
Do people like Sargeant Whitlock still exist? How is Anthony expected to spend time at his mother's house when her fiance is making her son fear him. I'm curious about Bella's back-story.
1/11/2021 c1 crazycats7
Its good. I hope that Bella opens up to Edward.
1/11/2021 c1 Zveka
Great start :)
1/11/2021 c1 2Sunflower Fran
Lot's of things going on here. You set up all the characters. I loved it and can't wait for more.
1/11/2021 c1 ohtobeyoung
Loving this story so far. Whoever hurt them should be strung up. Looks like they have two new people in their corner now. Something needs to be done about Jasper and his heavy handed parenting style. Anthony is NOT a marine.
1/11/2021 c1 PuzzlePerfect9
I'm very excited for this story. The first chapter has me hooked already!
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