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7/29/2021 c15 SassYNoleS
Ooh lovely ..

We appreciate each and every chapter we are given .. ignore any hate you may get from those that can't write, but will criticize someone that can .. Jealousy is an ugly thing!

As for the chapter ...

I loved it, I am glad that Bella ended up speaking to Edward about their sex life .. I think maybe he has a bit of KinkWard in him and he is holding back so he doesn't scare Bella ... But glad that she let him know she loved sex before the Asshole raped her !

I loved the empathy Bella showed for the intern .. it isn't deserving, but it shows her beautiful character..

I did find it unusual that Bella's therapist is Edward's ex fuck buddy though .. But oh well, if it works for Bella, that's all that matters!

So cannot wait for more X
7/29/2021 c15 TrulyOutrageous
Love this story!
7/29/2021 c15 edwards-debussy
I do hope you don’t shelve this fix—I LOVE this edward and their relationship is so interesting. It’s one my drop everything fics. Thank you ;)
7/29/2021 c15 mommymac0508
Awe poor Bella but hopefully they will get past this too
7/29/2021 c15 dazzled eyes22
I hope you don't put this fic on hiatus, but do what feels right to you.

Great chapter! I do want to see what the fallout here is. That intern needs to understand the consequences of her actions and Bella deserves her happily ever after with Edward and their kids.

I wonder if Jake is getting as much attention from the press as Bella and Charlie are.

Thanks for explaining why their first time together felt off.
7/29/2021 c15 2NKubie
It galls me to think that you're having difficulty writing because of some unwelcome reviews or trolls on social media. This is your story and you should be able to write it however you want! I do hope that the "factors" resolve themselves and you're able to write more freely!

I really enjoy these characters and how they are working on their issues! I'm sending good writing juju your way!

Stay safe and well!
7/29/2021 c15 GorGirl
Love this story. I hope that Jake goes to prison for a long time. That intern should have to face Bella and Charlie. Who would do that to a victim?
7/29/2021 c15 Jen1072
Great chapter I hope you don't put this on hiatus.
7/29/2021 c15 Guest
Omg I hope you don’t forget this fic because I do love it so but also understand do not stress yourself over a fanfic
7/29/2021 c15 Guest
I love this story. You're an amazing writer.
7/29/2021 c15 scgirl86
I hope you continue, I really love this story. I am always excited to get a new chapter in my in box. And with the new drama with the pictures, I am even more excited to see what happens. I do understand the need for writers to step back though. Just wanted you to know that I am loving this!
7/29/2021 c15 Teamrob2
More please
7/29/2021 c15 ana1973
Awww, I really liked this story. I will be sad if you dont finish it but I understand it's your story.
7/29/2021 c15 Edward-Bella Lover Forever
Pleas continue! I’ve been loving this fanfic and so happy when I see a new chapter has been posted. Love seeing daddy Edward in action. Hope you can continue
7/29/2021 c15 CoppertopJ
Much love. It was an excellent chapter. Although I would like to shove a camera up the intern’s ass.
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