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for Naruto the Yokai Bridge

5/20 c4 correnhimself316
Hope you update this great story soon! I think it has the potential tongs very interesting. It occurs to me that in would not be to difficult to bring in some old favorites from DxD in this story if you wanted, Kuroka and Shirone would fit in to this world pretty darn well in my opinion.
5/20 c2 correnhimself316
Should be interesting to see how the various different skill sets Team 7 will have, express themselves in this story's combined universe.
5/20 c1 correnhimself316
Here's hoping you end up using some variant of Tamamo from the Fate/Nasuverse. She's incredibly likable and her greatest wish is to be someone's perfect wife lol. There are a fair number of variants of her to work with lol. The amount of potential yokai, that can be used from anime, for this story, is kind of ridiculous.
3/14 c4 Jajur von Hohenzollern
i can just imagine when tamamo is finally awakend that shel simply go: but my container is so cute !'cuddle' but that moght just be the image i have of her cause of fate/ and co. but hey it would make cor an hilarious spittake moment
Muy genial gracias por la actualización espero con ansias el próximo
3/14 c4 Uday Sra
3/14 c4 PasiveNox
great chapter
3/14 c4 Dasgun
3/14 c4 1OmniHein
please update
3/13 c4 1KINGShaheed
Damn, this chapter was pretty good. It's nice to see Naruto striving to become stronger. Certainly wasn't expecting that attack though, I probably should have though since this is Naruto. Looking forward to seeing how these developments shape his future.

Thanks a bunch for the chapter! :)
3/13 c4 Jupiter50
good job
3/13 c4 Caduken
I'm guessing that even though you are pointing out that Kukuri wants to marry Naruto, they wont end up together. Naruto will end up rejecting her for some stupid reason.
3/13 c4 ShadowBloodedge9396
...I should have known better than to hope Sakura and Sasuke would hold out as well as Naruto and they would all be friends...wouldn’t be much of a story there in that case, gotta make Naruto struggle to stay himself and not Tamamo’s reincarnation, XD.
At least this gave him his signature drive to always improve.
3/13 c4 3SoloChrollo
Sugoi! This really made my heart beat. I could picture all of this in my head it was really good!
3/13 c4 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Good job keep it up
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