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6/1/2021 c1 1AnimeAsim
Anyways to anyone who sees this comment. Know that I am mostly likely going to continue my friend's legacy since he blantly told me he couldn't think of anything so he gave me all the drafts and everything. Let's just say chapter 3 would've been a disappointment and the MC would be our of character. Know this if I am going to continue I would most likely post it on Webnovel. Same name. Though there will be many changes. Like while the MC remains evil his sadistic side would be influenced by a a lot.
3/13/2021 c2 3massone22
i say just go with Rose
3/9/2021 c2 30 Astor 0
Rose or Holly I guess, props to you writing in English when you already know two other languages though.
2/25/2021 c2 5kent-jensen
2/14/2021 c2 Alfa123
Hope to see more in the near future
2/14/2021 c2 Time's Avatar
Keep Going And Thank's For The Chapter
Happy Valentine Day
2/13/2021 c2 Alfa123
Loved the chapter can't wait to see more in the near future
2/14/2021 c2 Mister T 1
For Harry's name just go for the conventional sense of being named after a flower possibly related to the Lily flower
2/14/2021 c2 Yinko
I like that you went with illusionist, but most of the rest of the setup is not that great, mechanically.

You've thrown every possible system feature into the mix and created a backstory so complicated it can explain away anything.

Ideally, you'd pair the features down to something closer to the Dark Wolf Shiro model, or at least that level of complexity. Then figure out what the final starting condition you wanted for your character would be and find a way to get there through narrative means. I mean, saying "oh yeah, my dad in the mundane world was so completely atypical that there's shenanigans going on" doesn't really cut it, especially not when you double down with your in-setting backstory and wake up with five familiars.

Expanding on this, if you wanted a trait that has you as sadistic, you could have just had the system recognize your existing personality. That's also prevent your character from looking like a gambling addict by rolling five times when even once would have been a horrible mistake.
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2/14/2021 c2 The Stray Knight
For Fem-Harry names people normaly just use flower names like: Violet,Dahlia, Holly, Iris, Ivy, Magnolia, Daisy, Clover, Marigold...
There are some people that use Harriet but i'm really not a fan
2/13/2021 c2 1Am I insane
Daoist D. It turns out I miss clicked and put 15 instead of 25. Thanks for pointing it out
2/13/2021 c2 Daoist D
Interesting story, only the first time his Status appeared in chapter 1 he had 8 intelligence, then he won
17 points for being smart of the system so it should be with 25 points.
2/13/2021 c2 bimboom
yey an update ill just sit in the conor and wait for next chapter
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