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for Hammerback's House of Horrors

3/3 c1 BlackHawk
Great story, really enjoyed it.

But a baby girl in Italian is bambina. Bambino is a baby boy
1/17 c1 8Strandstorken
This is so cute and sweet and wonderful! :D It's really cheered me up this evening, and even inspired a few sketches! :D I really enjoyed reading it, it felt so very casual and real and in the moment, you've really done well with the characters, even from a POV that you don't usually write in. :D
1/16 c1 10LovesBiggerThatLove
This story is definitely too beautiful, I just loved it. Of course Mac never had a chance to win against his girls. That was just adorable.I really enjoyed this
1/15 c1 KSPerry
Hey, another great story, envolving everyone in a relaxing time! I think I would love being in a party at Sid's House with Adam's as DJ! And like Lucy and Louie, I would be Very worried of Flack staying só close to the candies (why do I think that the kids only have it because he's a Very Good uncle)! And Mac with halloween costume! With Stella and Holly, the poor guy never stood a chance! Beautiful momentos between the Messer couple.
1/13 c1 115ChibiDawn23
You sure you don't want to switch your OTP and just write all of the Messer family cuteness? Because that was ADORABLE. You took mine and ran with it and I ADORED this. I don't even know what's my favorite: Mac in costume, baby kitty Holly, Louie sharing his candy... It was all beautiful.
1/13 c1 4lemonpiegirl
I loved!

I loved how Louie shared his Halloween treats with Lucy, it's a beautiful gesture.

"The Taylors" I died of love and ... Mac in costume? really only Stella could have been capable.

I enjoyed reading!
1/13 c1 4SMackedCaskett
Oh, the Taylor family costume sounds adorable - and baby Holly does as well!

Hey, what do you know - I learned a new word! Had never heard or read the word “doff” before.

It was very sweet of Louie to share his candy.

I was also glad to get a glimpse of Sid :)

Hope you’re doing well - I really enjoyed this!

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