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2/20 c4 8Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter m8
2/19 c4 37dannyrockon122
Awesome job
2/19 c4 14RedBurningDragon
Well quirks need some sort of physics to operate on so for decay to happen time must pass in which time gets hyper accelerated
1/20 c3 Guest
1/21 c3 8Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter mate
1/18 c3 Austin
Ok interesting story and nice to see a change of pace.
Though question since they are living inside the Den-liner it is literally the safest place on earth for Eri.
No one can access the time train but Haru.

So I'm guessing he will most likely keep the means of how to get to the train a secret from Pro heroes as again who knows of how far the Yakuza have connections.

But there is also another concern that of which being since the train can travel through time...there will be those among pro heroes that are brash or naive who want to use it for selfish reasons...even if it's for a so called noble reason like take out the villains before they become a threat.

Yeah...that won't happen as we all know what happens if one travels in the past and fucks it up...time travel will fuck you up.

Question will we see any imagin allied with Neo-Deno like of the taros as one he will need extra hands in battle, two...there does need to be added security in the deno from any intruders and to keep an eye on Eri.
Or no no imagin allies.

Good luck on the next chapter and hope it comes soon.
Happy holidays early or belated.
Stay safe and healthy.
1/19 c3 14RedBurningDragon
You know i feel like I should ask this now will Decay also be a quirk whos properties are also time based like a weaker version of Baraggan‘s (bleach Espada 2) power that hyper accelerates time
1/18 c3 37dannyrockon122
Great job
1/18 c3 RoxasJoStar
Nice we have a daughter now
1/17 c1 RoxasJoStar
You should make more of this story it really good
1/15 c2 8Light Hero Kaiser
Aw I love this idea mate
Great chapter can't wait for more

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