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9/12 c1 owl3764
Lol, nice. I'm always in need of a good laugh. Well done.
7/6 c1 Tunganation
This had a bit of a rocky start, but came to a truly smashing conclusion! Much love.
6/28 c1 Wyrda Arget
This is the second story of yours I've read, and I really like your sense of humor :P
4/16 c1 Fallow57
X Kudos X : )
3/12 c1 HoneyBear84
Love it
3/9 c1 noylj
But voldie isn't dead...
2/26 c1 demonofold
oh my god the mindless destruction isn't it lovely lol that is definitely one way too win the tournament lol
2/25 c1 10RevDorothyL
Love it, love it, LOVE IT! :)

Harry discovers the general utility of the attitude, "Your a_s is grass, and I'm the lawnmower!" . . . when applied with the amount of power and panache at his disposal, at least.

What an efficient, entertaining, and effective approach to dealing with life and other people's ridiculous demands. Brilliant!
1/17 c1 Ratus
hahahahahahahahaha Thank you for sharing this.
1/16 c1 2roon0
1/15 c1 Black-Warlock
Funny little one shot you got there
1/15 c1 2AndrewWolfe
Silliness! I approve.
1/15 c1 James Birdsong
Great. Cool fanfic
1/14 c1 lunaz
Though Harry was a little too dark for my taste in this story got to love the story. Thanks.
1/14 c1 RonRR
"... setting about fixing the area back to the way it was so he wouldn't get in trouble with the staff."

Given how pissed Harry is with the staff, I am surprised he bothered. In addition, after setting things on fire not to mention destruction of living things like the trees, I am pretty sure repair spells won't be much help.

I hope he was In first place for the third task, otherwise the other champions might have lost their third dimension.

Thank you for writing,


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