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7/21 c1 kissedbyarose13
Got my follow, it's whole heartedly why I'm usually here. My job has been terrible since Covid started...got worse with stimmy checks nd now bc of...I still say the sorry treatment of employees...dropped from 120 on clock to 70-100. So long terms like me that kno too much nd can do shit gets the worst of it. Mentally and physically drained. Constant pain(I'm a package handler, pull whatever cray crap ppl order off the van line nd stay out or load trucks) u can imagine the things thru there... anywho I ramble lol fanfics get me thru and gaming... now I'm adding learning both guitar and bass in my early 30s smh...dang ADHD...gotta b distracted. I appreciate writers like you more then the for fun writers. I feel like u get us
5/21 c1 Guest
hope u update!
3/2 c1 3Arf128
Pls update
1/25 c1 1Hollybush2807
I’m loving this
Great start
1/14 c1 Guest
Loved this first chapter and can't wait for the next one. I hope it's a little longer!
1/14 c1 2wavyy
can’t wait 2 read more!

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