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for Brave Men Ride Dragons

1/15 c1 18Angel Talon
What's yikes about it? It was very good and I'm glad Stoic talked to Hiccup before he left.
1/15 c1 55Silver Sentinel
This was pretty good, the change of scene and the tone in which Stoick used to exile Hiccup was bone chilling. But Hiccup's fear upon realizing things was good, and you could envision his panic. Stoick's break down upon seeing Hiccup gone is good as well, and the way he organized everyone is good. The talk, I will be truthful could have been a bit better, but it was still good non the less. The fear Hiccup got upon seeing his dad was good. Seeing him would have terrified him big time. It was an overall good oneshot.
1/15 c1 14httydfangirl123
Brilliant! You captured the characters beautifully and realistically and I really enjoyed reading! Well done!
1/15 c1 3LilyAurora01
This is amazing. Thank you for this new story. Have an amazing day!
1/15 c1 Romantica 543
Like this. Sooo pretty and emotional it is really entertaining:). Great job
1/15 c1 1ZarduHasselfrau
This story is far from yikes, it's really good!
1/15 c1 Lalitha
I feel like you should rewrite this and make hiccup more angry like he yells at stoick and pours all his emotions in it
1/15 c1 Night Star Dragon
Great Story :D
1/14 c1 12Falconress
Oof. Stoick really needs to communicate, instead of BANISHING HIS SON EHDHEKMWNXDKSOWK
I enjoyed it!

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