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for Between Shots and Songs

9/16 c2 3Flowslikepixelz
i hope you continue this eventually. it sucks to see a story i'm invested in just fade into obscurity.
9/1 c2 SirStorytime
We know you're alive in there! We crave SUsteNANCe. and by that I mean this story... Maybe
7/7 c2 Zander22122
This is a really cool idea for Bleiss. Hope it gets more content.
6/18 c1 1XAVI3R
I absolutely hate that you called her Bleiss. Jokes aside great start, particularly with the whole schedule bit, really looking forward to this fic.
5/6 c1 Mr. Figgs
I am currently shaking from withdrawals from this story. I love this story and I'd like to see some more when you have the ability to write more, thank you for this amazing idea.
4/15 c1 2DoomMarine55
Sorry but I can't see Weiss cursing and acting like some lush college girl.
4/5 c2 11Riggy Minus
you can't hear it but I'm screaming about how much I love that little Milk and Cereal interaction

this continues to be a ton of fun, looking forward to more of it, Eliad
4/5 c1 Riggy Minus
I would have thought she could come up with a better name than "Bleissthis was a lot of fun, though, even if it ain't my normal fair.

please keep describing Jaune's muscles like that in all your works, though


3/29 c2 Guest
This is actually pretty good
3/13 c2 1aPancake
ocean water is delicious
3/11 c2 5Hecseferblade
This was really good. I like the pacing and the slow story progression. Did a good job of world building and character development. Very curious on how long the ruse will last, will they run into Ruby and Pyrrha? Will Ruby be able to recognize her instantly but keep quiet?

Will she go all the way with Jaune before or after she tells the truth?

I’m excited on what the next chapter will be like.
3/10 c2 3Reiki27
Oh! Blackguard goodness, you did say you were planning in another Bleiss fic, and certainly delivered! the Milk Cereal was unexpected but made sense, a way to explain why Pyrrha isn't pursuing Jaune and I do think that the pair of prodigies Red-heads with polearms match a lot.
3/9 c2 Simplyhiccstrid
Gotta say I love it! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the next update my man!
2/24 c1 tntian54
What I would love to see is since Weiss will no longer be the heiress of the dust company she fully takes on the Bleiss character or how she tells Jaune and switches between the two personalities to not give the dust company a bad name(not what I'm trying to say but I don't know how)
but I'm not a story teller so these may be bad ideas.
anyway this is one of my favorites stories. soooooo GREAT FING WORK
2/17 c2 NyaNyaKittyFace
I honestly don’t like White Knight, but I am interested in this.
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