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2/17 c2 NyaNyaKittyFace
I honestly don’t like White Knight, but I am interested in this.
2/6 c2 Visual Bliss
It would be funny if jaune knew it was Weiss
2/4 c2 Steelrain66
Hmmm I am very hopeful for this one! While I do think the Milk and Cookies was thrown in here to get Weiss and Jaune's more typical ship partners out of the way that doesn't take away that everything else here has been top-notch! Good choices on the music so far, I recommend The Cab, Sum 41 and Blink-182 if you're looking for more songs for Jaune's band to sing. Would all really fit him.
1/30 c2 Guest
And, just like that i'my gone. Bye nonsense Pyrrga x Ruby shipper!
1/30 c2 Ailing Loran
This is such a fuckin good story, never ready anything like this before. I'm so ready for the next chapter, bro!
1/30 c2 1sdphantom10
been really liking this so far
different interactions, environments, the convos sound natural and not forced
real good
lookin forward to the next chapter
1/30 c1 10KorevainsoLightshire
Hm, I sort of feel bad for Jaune. Weiss' Bleiss persona is just her blowing off steam, which means if Jaune falls for her as Bleiss he's falling for the girl who won't always be around. As Weiss will most often be Weiss.
Unless of course Weiss develops a split-personality but that's a whole new can of worms.
1/30 c2 KorevainsoLightshire
Huh. Wait what? Pyrrha x Ruby? Why? There isn't any remotely romantic chemistry between those two. It feels like a uselessly forced action to get rid of any obstacles between Weiss/Bleiss and Jaune. And even then, Pyrrha isn't exactly much of an obstacle in the first place.
1/30 c2 KorevainsoLightshire
So apparently Weiss, or now Bleiss, is becoming a vampire if the way she's attracted to his veins is anything to go by. XD
1/30 c2 3Mado Scientisto
Awesome! This has a lot of potential and I've enjoyed it a lot so far. Can't wait for the next update!
1/29 c2 2TheSlySage
great chapterrrrr! love this
1/29 c2 18Dwalkern64
Ah yes! Just what I was waiting for! Absolutely love this so far, keep up the good work
1/29 c2 Majin Othinus
For the next chapter have Juane sing Number 13 by Nothing But Thieves. It's an awesome song.
1/20 c1 0akarigan0
Jajaja muy bueno, tiene mucho potencial.
1/20 c1 MrFox7189
Keep it up please.
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