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1/19 c1 CathedralNarwhal
Very promising. I will enjoy this as much as Bleiss enjoys chili-cheese dogs.
1/16 c1 2TheSlySage
any bleissness needs cultivating and Roosterteeth needs to make some kind of Bleiss Cameo
1/16 c1 TheSlySage
I most definitely need moar of this greatness
1/16 c1 Bottech
doesnt weiss mean white in german? so her name should also be switched, her alternative name should be schwarz kohle
1/16 c1 Devilmaycry17
Well this already seems like it'll be awesome
1/16 c1 Majin Othinus
What's the title of the song Jaune and his band are playing? It's my kind of music.

Check out the White Knight fic The Very True Story of Two Best Friends. It's set in IRL Canada(just because) and it's quite an enjoyable and oddly relatable read.

1/15 c1 6Erqurel
A purge trooper once said: MORE! GUVE. ME. MOAAAR!;!
1/15 c1 Razilian
es increíble tu historia espero ver mas pronto, me pregunto como será el segundo encuentro de jaune y bleiss
1/15 c1 18Dwalkern64
Very good first chapter! Want more soon pleaseeee
1/15 c1 Arue23
The summary caught my notice however the mention of Bleiss has my attention. I'm really looking forward on how your portrayal will be and wish you the best of luck.
1/15 c1 1Batpool
you have immediately gotten me into this already, looking forward to what else you have in store for these two
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