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for He's his Father's son alright - Arthur's a murderer

1/16 c1 mersan123
Could not agree more with Merlins thinking here. Arthur was such a fool to instantly trust Agravaine.
Were had the man been for the last 20 odd years?
Why had he not come to Camelot whilst Uther was in full capacity?
These are questions a very young and immature Arthur should have been asking.
Enjoyed the story. Thanks.
1/15 c1 Guest
Another thing you might want to bring up is Odin's son. Arthur killed him. How did that affect the kingdoms? I think it would be a great twist if you had a conversation between the knights you mentioned, Leon in particular and Merlin, where he uses that as an example of repercussions and dangers Arthur has opened Camelot up to. Maybe get Merlin to try to get Leon talk to Arthur because he
1/15 c1 Guest
This is fantastic. Great insight into Merlin's and Arthur's characters. I get sooo sick of Arthur being given leeway, continuing to make mistakes, never learning from them and then sulking when things don't go his way. Merlin is a victim of his own successes, not just in protecting Camelot, but in preserving Uthers kingdom of lies, and foundations built on sand because in saving Arthur, the knights and the kingdom all the time, no one ever understands how precarious the situation truly is. He can't risk it because by the time he was mature enough in seasons 3 and 4, and gained wisdom and confidence to go with his power almost everyone else lives in the illusion, won't believe the true danger and if he disrupts things too much he risks the kingdom and everyone's lives. As Giaus says the fate of the kingdom rest on Merlin and he has learnt to bear that responsibility. Arthur's motivations are to be the knight, man, prince and king that would earn Uthers approval. I think he lashs out at Merlin sometimes because deep down he knows that Merlin is providing wisdom that he himself hasn't got the first inclining of, and knows goes against what Uther taught him. If Merlin is right then Uthers is wrong. So he tells Merlin to shut up so he doesn't have to consider what else Uther's wrong about. And how his serving boy has more insight and wisdom to manage a kingdom than he does.

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