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4h c51 TheHarshApprentice
Wish you the best man!
9/17 c52 RiseToFall
We are amazing?
We? WE just read...
YOU, came up with this idea, YOU wrote this story so beautifully, so heart wrenching , updated this 52 goddamn times!
and you say, we're amazing?
9/13 c52 Clavita
Just found this fic and since you seem to enjoy feedback I'd like to say it's a good story but what made it stand out is the progress. Your progress as a writer to be exact. The... imperfections of first chapters are all but eradicated by now. Character interactions are more... fluent? lifelike? and characterization is less one dimensional. You gave the villains depth and rational reasoning (I get how hard it is to refrain from making characters you dislike into a cartoonish imitations of the worst criminal imaginable).
9/11 c52 LittleCrybaby13
oh my god i just read 50 chapters in one sitting! i really wish ultron would come back.
9/11 c52 Guest
9/7 c39 2Mark the Mark
I'm still going with onichan Friday. xD it's hilarious
9/7 c38 Mark the Mark
onichan! xD I love it
9/7 c52 Guest
didnt winter solider happen before age of ultron
9/6 c52 Guest
love it
9/6 c52 new-initiate
9/6 c52 Blaze1992
Huh was honestly expecting a worse reaction.
9/6 c52 DeepBlueCat
Weird, right as I follow this story I get an update.
9/6 c52 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
9/6 c52 DarkSolaris57
Yeah! Finally people can start to see Ultron without Johannesburg coloring everything. Though kidnapping Pepper was his choice. he didn't intend to harm her in the end, but extremis made that into a mess. Mind controlling the world into peace is his great evil now... Fear him for he is the Peacemaker.
Rogers attitude will hopefully change for the better, but the real reason he doesn't like Ultron is going to come to head. Ultron is technology that he doesn't understand and he fears the future with all its advancement. People he gets, but Artificial intelligence makes him uncomfortable because he can't relate to it. I hope for a lot of personal introspection on his part in a future chapter.
Tony feels so much guilt. Ultron was good boy in a bad situation without any help. Its time for him to put his nose to the grindstone and bring back mini-me. I really hope that When Ultron is fixed they keep him in the child body. It was my favorite part about him. Well that and the Pinnochio hoodie was freaking genius.
Widow is now in full distrustful spy mode when it comes to the kids. She still feels a little two dimensional in this story. Maybe have her and Barton commiserate over drinks about the evils of mind control. Possibly bring up that Loki was probably under sway of the stone as well, but is still an ass without it to Thor.
Jarvis should feel all the smug. He kept trying to reach out to Ultron and he was right to do so.
Banner needs a vacation. He is living and interacting with people that caused him to go on a rampage.
Thor seems kinda useless in this story. I like that he kept out of what he considers an internal earth affair though.
I wish that the timeline stays similar too cannon. I hate when people try to rush the story and have villains attack earlier than intended. Cival war should be coming with the introduction of Spiderman in there somewhere. What wi
9/6 c52 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
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